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Quitting Oxy with other medical issues

I have been on 60mg of oxycodone for about 5 years when I crushed my L4 vertebrae. I have just recently been diagnosed with an unknown seizure disorder which left me with a stage 4 brain injury. I have Addison’s Disease, Sjogren’s, Raynaud’s, hypertension and blockages in my leg, right shoulder and left kidney. I have found that if your med list contains opioids they will not treat you the same. I had to find a new neurologist due to this. I really want to get off the opioids but am looking for advice if I should taper, use a withdrawal med (like suboxone) or just go cold turkey (which could put me into an Addisonian crisis. I plan on talking to my GP or neurologist to see what they think because my pain doctor just wants me to keep taking them. Any advice? Thanks, in advance, for your time!
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Is the addiction forum still open? Have been off for years and having trouble navigating.
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It's still open but very very slow these days.  Apparently it doesn't come up on google when people are looking for addiction help so very few new people get to it.  Really sucks because I got so much from this site.  
I’m new here, found this site last summer in desperate need of support/advice, etc but I’ve also found it to be very slow. I do check in though if there’s anything you need or an ear to vent to!
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How are you doing today?  I know I was treated differently when I was taking methadone in pill form.  It was always nerve racking when it came time to get it filled.  So I empathize with you there.  I don’t know anything about the diseases you mentioned but are you in a lot of pain from them?  I ask because how are you going to handle your pain?  I’m not an advocate for Suboxone.  Suboxone in my opinion is a devil drug and hard to taper off of.  It also made me very depressed.  I’m a big baby so I used comfort meds from the doctor to detox. I’ve gone cold turkey but it’s so hard on the body.  I can’t live a life if I’m in pain.  What I found with my methadone was that my pain could be handled without it.  I did smoke weed and am an advocate for that.  I came off of heroin with methadone and then tapered off of that.  If your wanting off of the opiates ask your doctor for help.  They can prescribe non narcotic medication to ease your suffering.  They may also prescribe benzodiazepines like Valium, Ativan, klonapin to name a few which would help maybe with your seizure disorder.  I tapered slowly and didn’t have any problems.  
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