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Rapid Detox

Has anyone done Rappid Detox for a small amount of Methadone AKA: MethaDeath? I'm talking about those last few .mg 5mg and lower. Seems like no big deal but at my age my body can't take the slow lengthy tapering down by a fifth of a .mg every few two weeks. I've tried numerous times with the same results, extream weakness all the usual suspects. But worst of all is the increased Depression. I've been battling clinical depression for most of my life. So if you or anyone you know has tried Rapid Detox any input would be greatly appreciated. *One of my best friends did it back in the mid `90's but was on an extreamly high dose 100+mg and woke up half way through! Not Good, but completely different circumstances. Cheers.
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I'm sorry for no information or experience. I've heard a little bit about it and if it works as advertised it sounds like a good way to go. I'm not one who thinks you have to go through terrible WD's to learn not to use again. IMO if your serious about sobriety it doesn't matter how you go sober. What's important is staying sober. I've heard it's quite expensive. Interesting topic that I think I'll look into just for the information. Peace and good luck. BD
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Have ya talked to a Doctor? R u attending a methadone clinic?
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