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Recovering alcoholic taking pain meds for chronic health condition

Hi. I'm an alcoholic in recovery for 3 years now. I have never had an issue with drug addiction. I take prescription pain medication as prescribed while receiving treatment for my chronic health condition. The treatments I'm receiving will hopefully lead to me not needing the meds. It seems many people think this is wrong and I'm not "sober". What do you all think. I do not take the meds to get high and they do not make me feel under the influence. They help my pain which is why they are prescribed. Any feedback appreciated. Thank you
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Congrats on 3 years of sobriety!!

Does your doctor know you are an alcoholic?   If you are under the watchful eye of your doctor and taking these meds for your medical condition then all is good.  Just know that cross addiction can happen very easily.  The sooner you can get off these the better.  I am an alcoholic/drug addict in recovery so i have a plan in place should i ever need something more than OTC meds.  Again, congrats on your sobriety~
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Hello & welcome.
Congrats on your 3 years sober from alcohol.
That being said It is very common for cross addiction to happen.
Not that someone who’s drug of choice was opiates will never have  to take them if they need surgery.
We have had this discussion many times.
If someone was taking heroin, opiates and is now taking methadone or suboxone.
Someone smokes pot when they stopped taking pills.
Many believe that any substance that
Alters your mind is considered using
(Not clean).
You are prescribed the meds be very careful with them.
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