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I just found this webpage. I'm 13 days ct off of heroin and I was a chronic IV user for 2+ yrs. I guess i. just looking for that extra support. Friday the 6th I realizes I wasn't gonna make it couldn't do it anymore was gonna lose it all, more than I already did. So that day I made a call and unexpectedly w/o notice moved my daughter wife and myself to a new town out of state. I know my problem can follow me anywhere, and its up to me to continue the path I have begun. I'm planning on attending NA this week and for someone reason going or wanting to has not been easy. I did the whole herbal/ OTC withdrawal Valerian/ benadryl/ and loperamide but 13 days after my last dose I find the restleness/ RLS to be horrible. The overall wds were not as bad as expected but severe restlessness still. Is it just me. Anything helps, new to sharing about my addiction. I'm also a certified BHPP specialized in substance abuse you wouldn't believe it.
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Of course i would believe it....there are alot of medical professionals on this site....very commen!
Congrats to you on 2 weeks as i know this was very hard to do....i think the best thing i saw you write was that your planning on going to NA. I started about 5 weeks after u detoxed and its just what my brain needed at the time, to then give myself over to the program. You know the drill....listen, get sponser work the steps!!!
BTW....your right, moving will not garauntee your addiction wont follow you.
While i was sufferibg with the RLS i didnt find much otc worked until my husband bought me some really ugly, but very tight diabetic stockings. They DID provide aome relief, especially at night. They might not be pretty, but who cares, right????
Keep moving forward....forward progress only!!!!
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Hi there and welcome to the forum!  A HUGE congrats on your 13 days off heroin!!!  It's really good to hear that you are planning on setting up some new recovery tools now that you have moved away from "old haunts".  There is nothing quite like being in the physical presence of other recovering addicts that already "get" what we are going through.  The support and love of talking to and listening to others that have been down the same road in one way or another is a comfort that cannot be expressed until you have actually experienced it.  I'm so glad  you are willing to put some relapse prevention in place!

As for the rls....I had whole BODY rls...it was crazy!!  If it's just your legs, there are a whole slew of homeopathic products out there that can help.  Hyland's is a brand that has a restful legs product, a leg cramp ointment, a leg cramps product and one called leg cramps PM.  You can use warm towels out of the dryer, heating pads, tight stockings, products like icy hot or bio-freeze.  Those are some things that help temporarily....until your nervous system heals and they go away.  

Keep posting and talking to us....we're here to help and support you!!

P.S.  BHPP no longer will be "Black Hole Power Plant" for you....because you have climbed out of that black hole!  (Just some sick humor for ya!)
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Hi & WElcome,

I know that your choice to come of Heroin was not easy. It is my DOC and I have detoxed off of it many times..too many times. It's a dead end road and I am glad you discovered that before it is too late.

I do believe you need to get involved in some sort of aftercare. Most people will say the rooms of NA. It saved my life but it is not for everyone. I suggest that you give it a try at least. You owe yourself that. And if you have insurance I suggest that you get into one-on-one counseling. Get to the core of your issues and learn how to deal with them. Learn coping skills and life skills. NA will help you with relapse prevention.

There is no geographical cure so don't think you are out of the woods. the [problem is YOU and you took YOU with you so your addiction is alive and well and waiting for you.

Here is the link to meetings near you:


Good luck and keep posting here. There is always someone here to support you.
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Thank you for everyone's comments and support. And I'm also suffering from whole body restlessness. This is not my first time detoxing or getting of of it but this time its definitely the worse. That could involve many factors my tolerance, length of use( good year stretch this time) and for the first week I used tons of OTC stuff. But its like 14 days in now and the restlessness seems to be getting worse. That's the main issue I have now. But I know this is a daily battle and not only am I getting of a drug, but changing my whole pattern and expectations of what my body is used to. Im barely sleeping not able to fall asleep till early morning but I've basically been knocking myself out for the last four years. Thanks again guys and I will be on here, as often as possible w/o driving anyone nuts. Lol
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Alright found a list more accurate then one I found before moving here. Thought there was only 3 meetings a week where I lived but actually found current of 13. I'm planning on going today at 6pm. I'm definitely nervous not sure why, I think its just taking that initial step towards real recovery. Moving is not the only answer a small one really. So I'm excited though its also at a church but is na, not Jacobs ladder or anyother faith based program. The church is good tho cause I'm also a christian and would like to find a good church. Will post more updates. I'm liking this forum I've kinda been support less as far as real understanding. Don't feel so alone now.
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Hi hon:

I had whole body restlessness too...for a long time.  I found the only thing that helped was to exhaust myself so that I fell asleep hard.  

Do you exercise at all?  Something as simple as walking briskly for 30 minutes every day will make a difference.

Good luck; hope you stick around here!

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Hi  Chief!  You came to the right place, and will find all the help, support, and friendship you need here.  CONGRATULATIONS on reaching out for a healthy life!  I have never been a heroin addict, but I was an alcoholic, and I still smoke cigarettes.  I was told to go to a meeting EVERY DAY in the first stages of quitting alcohol.  I would think that a good idea for you as well.  Most places have meetings in different local places like churches every day or evening.  Look in your (new) phone book for one you can attend TODAY, and the people there will be able to tell you where to go the rest of the week.  Exchange phone numbers with your leaders - that is paramount, to have someone who understands you to call, anytime.  Best wishes for you! - Blu
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Great job man! You're one of the strong ones.  For your families sake you are on track to freedom! How amazing does it feel to not need that crap  on a day to day basis? What helped my restless legs was lemon sage lotion have your wife rub your feet.  Somehow it helped me tremendously.   I wish you the best mate.

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Just a heads up. Chief hasn't posted in a while. Hopefully she will post again soon and tell us how good she's doing.
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