I need help. Just someone to talk to. Ive been thinkn of IOP treatment. Im 21. Swim started to use five months back it was a half gram a month. Suddenly bumped to a gram to two grams daily.  Swim was clean 8days. Relapsed on the 9th n 10th day. Any suggestions for urges or cravings ? Itd help a lot.
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Treatment is always a good idea. As ricart said, you will learn relapse prevention and coping skills. And yes, stay away from people, places and things. How about you find NA meetings near you and get acquainted with other recovering addicts. If you want help finding a meeting, let someone know. Hang in there and just don't use!
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Hi and welcome !  ;))      well "swim"   needs to tough it out for about ten to twenty days and it will get wayyy  easier.  Just try not to hang around with anyone who is using because that is a major trigger early on.  I still don't associate with anyone who is using ,at least no more than life makes it necessary to.    I think IOP would be a great idea. Also researching info on addiction and coping skills,stress management,triggers etc. is a great way to acquire the tools you will need to stay clean.  Best of luck and I hope this helps.  You can do it!  It just takes time to ride out the withdrawals and cravings.  Then it is all about preventing relapse.  
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