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Rev up your engine.

C'mon man, you don't know what you are missing." Hey, who's gonna know? "  It's not addictive, you can quit anytime." Don't be a *****, everybody's doing it." There are so many ways a dealer will use to get someone hooked. Who benefits? Certainly not the addict. The dealer and his supplier benefit. While the addict is suffering the pain of withdrawal or falls back time and time again, the dealer and supplier are heading to the bank. If words can get someone hooked, why can't words reverse it? We all know that once hooked it is pure hell to shake it. This is where the old adage " If at first you don't succeed,try, try, try again" comes into being. So you didn't make it on the first try or the second. Does this mean you should close up shop? No way. Even if it takes a hundred attempts you should never give up. Somewhere down the line a door will open and you will find yourself racing through it and on to the light ahead. Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. So you have had a bad day, who hasn't? The people on this site are your" Jumper cables " and will help you when your engine breaks down. Just let your battery regenerate, tirn on the key, put yourself in gear and then keep on driving yourself towards your goal.

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as always.. great post.. have a good night..
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You put a lot of throught into your posts, but hopefully everyone will stop and think about it a minute when they read it, and some will go away determine to stick with it and kick a little harder to get rid of their addiction.

Take Care.....LS
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Hey Mang.

   Nice one I love it!!!! I am 60 days ct and i am moved but i extracted meaning for what bs is going on in my life!!  

I hope all is well w/ you and thanks!

Lady, I wish i could take you by the hand and take a walk w/ you, with a sweater ofcoarse and fire up the BBQ to warm you inside, Hun It will get better!! I have faith in U!!

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when I saw this post...I skipped it...when I really thought it was about lol RACING........Ever dumb eh? what a neat way to encourage though.......I think its totally awesome....

Thanks for this........I needed to hear some of it........and realize Im not alone, and what are we here for!! Thank you!!

But really...............Race day yesterday lmfao lol................Im a Nascar nut....

Happy thoughts and prayers

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