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Roll Call Time!!!!!

It's that time of the month,lol!! Roll Call time!!! For those of you that are new to the forum,I post monthly "roll calls",which is everyone's chance to brag about their clean time,no matter how long it is. So...let's hear it!! Last month set a record for responses,so let's try to break it this month!! I'd like everyone to brag,no matter if it's 1day or 1 year. Be proud!!

Also,for this month,could everyone please share what got you,or gets you through the mental aspect of getting/staying clean? With the physical symptoms of withdrawl there IS an end in sight. However with the mental aspect,that can linger and crop up on you when you least expect it. So...guard your clean time everyone. Stay strong and know that you're never alone!! I'm at day 812. For me,dealing with the mental aspect has always been a challenge.Getting on here is how I deal with cravings,etc.

Congratulations to everyone out there!! Stay strong,and post that clean time everyone!!!!! :):)
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Hey tomskat. I recall getting a very encouaging message from u. The very first time i posted, u replied. That was two weeks ago, or maybe abit longer. Just want to thank you for all your inspiration, as a result I am presently enjoying day 6 clean. Loven life!!!! Thanks so much.
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26 days and counting!!!!  I am still figuring out new coping skills with the mental part of this, but so far this website and just sharing has helped the most.  Also, whenever the cravings come up, I try to see what else is going on that I am trying to cover up with drugs and I focus on dealing with that instead of engaging in a 2 hour battle with myself about getting high.  Thanks for the great post!
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day 16 taking everyday as it comes tryin not to push myself n stay focused on my goals mwah from oz aj xoxoxoxo
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Day 34 for me and I feel amazing.  Strength through faith gets me through the toughest mental challenges.  Good luck, everybody!
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     345 days and counting :) My wife has been my biggest supporter. After a couple months of shaking out the physical aspects of W/D it becomes all mental. Sleep has been the hardest. I started dieting last July and joined a gym in September and have lost 50lbs!! Although I am no Gym nut by FAR it does help to bring some natural endorphin release. Cutting ALL TIES with any one who was a supplier is SO IMPORTANT.
    Even on my tough days it wouldn't be worth the effort to start all over again because I do not have the ability to just make a phone call anymore.
   I find myself going days now without even thinking about pills. I'm sure many know that was a HUGE part of the day (and exhausting). When I was in the throws of addiction I always wanted to know what time it was:):) (till my next fix). YUCK!!!
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220 something here.   great job everybody and keep it up!
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Day 17 today here! Just trying to deal with the emotional part, I've been to the gym 3X's this week & plan on going more since it seems to help. Congrats all & keep up the great work!!
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Two years, 15 days

I changed the way I lived, the way I thought, most of my routines, and added a lot of distractions to my days. It seems to work so far...

All the best to evyone and if you're struggling, please let someone know!
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37 days!  Mental part is getting easier by the day....my family helps me push through! + exercise...  Congrats all!
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Almost 24 days!! Staying positive and keeping busy has helped me. I also started working out a few times a week and walking almost every night. That has also helped me lose 15lbs of the 30 I gained while taking pills! I am more active now than when I was using:) CONGRATS to all and keep up on the great work!!! :)
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39 days for me!...to anyone just starting out..hang in there is does get easier as time passes!...CONGRATS to everyone!....
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I am very happy to say my wife & I have 52 days!
Also want to thank members on here as they helped us more than they could ever know!

I wonder what happened to Gizzy though & if he will ever pop back in.........
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3 years 7 months for me.. my camera is what see's me thru the harder days and the easier ones :) Congrats Everyone !! lesa

I miss Gizzy also and Pray he is well.. A lot of us have love in our hearts for him...
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Hey everybody - 93 days here hydro free and feeling great.  My pain is better controlled now than on opiates, I'm clear and feeling so much healthier all around.  For those of you on the fence I'd like to encourage you to get a plan and move ahead with getting clean.  This is a great forum for support with lots of compassionate, wise people!
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4 yrs 4 days for me.  I work my recovery program and surround myself with supportive people.  I always take time out of my day to look at all i have in my life now.  

I always look forward to this thread as it brings out a friend of mine who doesnt come on here very often, guv.  

Congrats to everyone on their clean time~~
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72 days opiate free! I see a few people here talking about losing weight since getting clean, and that great, but for me, the best part about getting clean has been gaining weight! At the worst part of my 4-5 per day norco addiction, I weighed 165 lbs. You might not see that as a bad thing, but keep in mind that I'm 6'6" tall! I would literally starve myself because not eating would keep me high longer... Crazy I know. But I'm happy to report that over the past 2+ months I have been eating well (4,000 calories per day), back up to 180 lbs and climbing (goal weight is 195), working out at the gym 4 times per week, playing competitive sand volleyball twice a week and basketball twice a week as well! I'm 30 years old and have never felt better! Good luck to all of you and congrats on your clean time!
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I'm not sure what I am. This is my first 2nd day in a row on here. I think I'm more serious this time. My plan of action this time includes suboxene.  It is too late to change that road but getting off it will probably be like getting off other things. I do not have a good track record of getting off or of staying off
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Hi all! Minn checking in. Opiate free since November 18, 2011. Thank you to everyone here. You are a Godsend.

Hugs and blessings to you,

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Day 46 and feeling wonderful:)
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38 days for me...reading this forum daily helps me to stay strong...gives me a lot of good info....helps me not feel alone...and reminds me where I was 38 days ago...can't say thank you enough to the people that give their time to help others here...although I'm mostly "lurking" ...the posts here have been monumental in helping me get to this point...again...thank you!
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Well I still trying to fight the good fight having a hard time with it I went 28 day and relapsed so I on day 5 and felling bad about it. But I did tell my pain management doc I was not coming back so maybe it well help
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Hi charlie, pain management is about so much more than the meds. I don't know if this will help, but I told my PM doctor that I wanted to be opiate free so while I don't get any meds there, I still get trigger point injections and physical and massage therapy. Best of luck, hun. You know where to come for support!
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day 121 for my husband and I !!!
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Day 121... Going to see my daughter at the U of Oregon later this week. Travel that doesn't center around pills is great; like not having to pack that extra, over-weight bag. Thanks for the roll call. Good to hear from everyone.
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