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Spidy you did it! One year today girl and I am so proud of you! You are a blessing to all here and have been a rock for me personally. Your humor, honesty, intelligence and determination imspire all you reach out to you! So LE GREAT JOB babycakes! Time to grab Randy and Earl and have a happy dance! You are an amazing friend and I truly cherish you. Do something wonderful for yourself and enjoy the day because you really deserve this happiness and freedom! You rock!  
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ONE YEAR woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo!   look how far you've come, baby!  lots of love Spider on this momentous occasion ... congratulations!!!!  ty for all your kindness and support <3
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Congrats to the Amazing Spidey!!!  You DID it girlie - 1 WHOLE YEAR!!!  You are quite the force to be reckoned with.  Thank you for your support, humor, and compassion...thank you for being YOU!  Kitchen dance in your honor!
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3 6 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So, so funny MsD mentioned celebrating with Randy and Earl....I just left you a note saying the same thing and I hadn't even read this yet....LOL

Your humor and support have been a wonderful addition to this forum...thanks for your honesty and for keepin in real~

Keep watering and pruning....and pullin out those weeds when they pop up....you are growin a beautiful YOU~
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Wow!! It seemed like just last week you joined us here with the best since of humor ever. Well a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to YOU!! I know it was not that easy to get here, but you did surrender or fought to get this far. Just keep on stepping forward because you will still feel some better changes in your Brain hormones/chems..At least it took awhile for some of us that have a past history of using..It is ALL Good to go from here!
Be Safe Always!!!
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Congrats on one year! I just love you girl! Your sense of humor and your strength of will are awesome! Keep keeping on!
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Congrats on 1 yr Charlotte!!!  That is an amazing accomplishment!  Always remember to keep that Guard Up!
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Congragulations to you and your recovery!  Well done 1 year!  I can't wait until I get there!  It'll be cake time, lol!
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365 Just for todays be proud! I am <3
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Happy Birthday!  Congratulations on a year!  
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Wow!   Big congrats to u!  Great job!  I want to b U!
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Congratulations to you on your momentous day, so very proud of you Spidey!!!

Keep after it my friend, thanks for your friendship throughout, ;)
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Congratulations on your year clean! What an amazing accomplishment. Very proud of you. Hope you are doing something special for yourself today.  :)
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Woohooo Spidey!

Congratulations my friend!  I feel blessed to have you and your support and am beyond proud of you for your ONE YEAR!  Hope you're doing something to celebrate YOU today.  You deserve it!!!


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Congrats on 1 year girl!!  you are a rock around here and I know everyone just loves ya....keep doing what you are doing, it's working!!  way to goooo!!  :))  
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My beautiful Charlotte, a very, very, very big Congratulations on your 1 whole year clean!!!
My goodness, this puts a huge smile on my face today : )  : )  :  )
Im so very proud of you !!!
You are an extrodinary woman and friend !!
I bought "Charlottes Web" for my girls, because i loved that movie as a kid. Everytime my girls watch it, i think of you strait away !!!!!..... And it makes me smile.
Love you lady xoxo
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Oh my, Spider! One year is amazing. Be proud of you accomplishment. You are an inspiration to us all. Sincere congratulations. Stay strong and focused. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
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Hey GirL  it is always great to see someone make it a year clean it is also ausum to see that person (you) blossom into the woman that your are today  as addicts we know how low this crap can take you and it does take you... but for a few of us that take this deadly game serious it can be nothing less then a mirical transformation I say cudos to you  and a big thanks for shearing your life with everyone here on the forum may God bless you abundantly your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Woooooohooooooo!  Congratulations!  You are an inspiration to us all :-)
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Way to go Charlotte & a Happy, Happy 1 Year to you!!!!! :)) Did you know they're 'Dancing in the Streets' in celebration ? ;) :


(Personally, I did the one @ 34 secs when your tracker hit 365. I also tried the one @ 1:37, though I did it without a partner & am gravely injured as a result  ;))

Keep being the Amazing person you are, J. I wish you all the Grace, Health & Joy that you so deserve going forward, my friend.
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