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I had been taking subutex (suboxone) for about three years and I came off at 1.6mg and went 40 days without taking any. Went through all the withdrawels and started feeling okay around day 21, but got drunk and took 6mg of subutex on day 40. It made me feel really dizzy and sick. What I am worried about now is will the withdrawels kick in again or will I be okay. I do not intend to take anymore anbd I am keeping away from drink for a while. Can anyone help?
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I'm just guessing , if you have any withdrawals they will probably be minor and not last long. I found I couldn't drink for a while as it always weakened my resolve. Get back on that horse.  Mary
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I doubt that you will see too much in the way of w/d.
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I wouldn't think it would be WDs after one dose.....we can be silly when we drink sometimes but it coulda been worse...stay on track and all will be well
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