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Saboxen question

I have a question. I have a friend who is going thru withdrawal an she is taking Saboxin ( not sure spelled right) is it safe for her to take a Benzo with it?

I have not been on here in about a year an I quit CT Oxys an Perks. An now trying to help a friend
Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thank you guys so much
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lol Back..Do you still have the same number?? I will try to get a PM out to you too. Been through so much Grieving the past 5 months..Lost 4 Family members in a 90 day span. It was SO fing hard not to run and use anything..I stayed very close to this form & meetings. The Caring Angles out here saved my Buttt. We will talk somewhere else.
Keep checking your post because there are some that know more then I do when it comes to Subs. NG used to work with a Sub Dr..Plus Lots of new ones that came off of them..They are really doing good out here and full of great info..Talk to you in another area..lol
Bless U my Friend!
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Yes mam. Still rolling in the truck with Jeff most of the time.  Thank you sooo much fort the info.  Didn't think so but wanted to double check.  Ya know girl I miss you much. Seen ur PM. Call me anythime.  Glad ur still tacking up those miles. So proud of u. Been a year for me. Now trying to help others.  I Love You Vicki
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TruckerMama # 1 is that you?? I have missed you so.
As far as I have searched and been told by Drs  it is not good to mix a Benzo with subutex or subs. I know here in this town when they test your urine this is one thing they will look for. Just like all those Years I was taking my Methadone with my Klon at night. On the paper work it said not too mix, but I never looked until it was too late. Now why did the Dr or Phams not say anything???lol
Congrats on your Year..R U still driving around in the Big Truck??
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