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Septal perforation

I have seen a couple questions regarding this issue, I have been a recreational cocaine user for 4 years , usually couple lines every other weekend, No i am not addicted, yes i can and will stop, There are no guidelines for this as far as how much and how long you need to  use for a hole to form, But i know i will refuse to get help as far as a doctor is consernered.. Does a small hole heal? and what am i looking at if i do not seek help?  I am not looking for guesing games i am looking for someone who has been through this.... Please....:)
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i have been there :( i have a deviated septum cause of my cocaine use for 5 years. i used a lot of coke and i wents through spells of using everyday. THE HOLE IN YOUR NOSE WILL NOT HEAL.  in fact even for a couple months after stopping it will continue to get bigger. u say u r not addicted and can stop, so stop now. the hole in your nose is not the end of the world, but it will cause some problems. happy to hear this drug did not take over your life, but the damage this drug does to the heart is deadly. since u have only a small hole now and your not addicted, it's time to stop, don't ya think?
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I had posted earlier...whoosh it is gone tho...a friend has a hole in her nasal passage from snorting oxy...it never did heal and she said she feels a wheezing noise thru it when she breathes...good time to stop now cos as gizzy said the heart damage is an even worse concern
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