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Sleep Aid or Band Aid

Hi all
   I am on day31 of a suboxone withdrawal after 21/2 years of use. As you guys know the sleeping is difficult and that adds to the already present anxiety. At times it is unbearable. I have access to temezapam which is a benzo. I took 30 mg and slept like a log! I had to take a state contractors exam today and could not afford to have a sleepless, anxiety filled night. I passed the exam that is a very difficult one filled with math that an unorganized mind struggles with.
  In a way I feel like I was back at step one with my success based on the use of a pill, although not subs. It was so blissful to sleep a night. Feedback anyone. I know benzos are addictive and I wanted to hear fromsomeone who knows. I have read that temezapam is fast acting. Would there bee withdrawals from them if I continued to take them at night.

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Hi Mark,

Yes, they are addictive and it just trading one pill for another. You WILL have withdrawal if you continue and it is not pleasant. You need to taper from them as you will be subject to seizures.

Have you tried any otc medication or natural remedies?I hate to see you get addicted to yet something else. You have come so far.
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Yes, I have tried some OTC's but I hated the jitters it gave In the am. I figured the benzos were a bad Idea for long term but when your in the midst of these withdrawals your addictive mind looks for the easy way out. Im not gonna beats myself up over 30mg of temezapam on one occasion. Thanks for the answer IBKleen.
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I know what you are feeling and it isn't fun. I just don't want to see you go through this again. Like I said, look how far you have come...Good stuff!

And the no sleep thing is a nightmare. It does get better..I promise that. Be careful...
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I have a prescription for Klonipin  also a benzo . My advice is use it ONLY when you really need it or you could end up in another bad place . I don't mean to add to your anxiety but Benzo withdrawals are not fun at all ! Stay strong ! Jimmy
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Heres a some great info about sleeping while going through opiate withdrawal.


You may want to try some herbs. I found Kava tea helpful when I detoxed. Heres a list.

The herb Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) is used as a sedative on the nervous system and a relaxant for the muscles (Reader's Digest, 2009, Pp128). It also helps with headaches, which can sometimes be a result of an anxiety attack. According to Mosby's the recommended dosage of Valerian extract is 400-900mg, before bedtime (2010, Pp592). It is recommended that Valerian not take with MAOIs.

The herb Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) is used as a sedative and it has mood-enhancing abilities(Reader's Digest, 2009, Pp73). The leaves are the part of the plant that is used and can come in an extract. According to Mosby's the recommended dosage is 80mg of Lemon Balm extract combinewith120mg Valerian root extract, tid (three times a day) (2010, Pp390).
The herb Kava (Piper methysticum) has a sedative and it is an anxiolytic (Skidmore-Roth, 2010, Pp.369). Anxiolytic is defined, by the Mirriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, as a drug that relieves anxiety. It acts directly on the limbic system, which is the parts of the brain that are concerned with emotion and motivation. According to Mosby's the recommended dosage of Kava extract is 45-70mg tid (2010, Pp370). Take it with a meal for increased absorption. It is also recommended that it not be given to children under 12 (Skidmore-Roth, 2010, Pp370).

The mineral Magnesium works as a muscle relaxant, which can be helpful to someone suffering from anxiety issues. The stress of anxiety can take it's toll on the shoulder muscles and the neck muscles. According to the Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements the recommended daily intake of Magnesium is 280mg (Murray, 1996, Pp161).

Although all of the B vitamins can aid in the calming of anxiety issues, vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) seems to be the most important because it helps to form chemical transmitters in the nervous system (Murray, 1996, Pp100). According to the Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements the recommended daily intake of vitamin B6 is 2mg (Murray, 1996, Pp101).

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Currently on day 36 off subs of which I was on them for 6 yrs. I hear ya on the mo sleep but I promise u, u will be passing out REALLY soon! It came about 25 days in for me. And I had access to xanex but I was petrified to take them as to not prolong the w/d. Didn' t want to trade one drug for another. How are u feeling other than the lack of sleep cause my brain still feels like a bowl of pudding....but definately better than day 10! I know u know what I'm saying! There are a lot of good otc sleep aids as well. Good job on the sub detox BTW.. b/c I know how hard it is...twas a dance with the devil as I like to call it.
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