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So, so sad. I have lost another loved one to addiction.

My young  33 year old cousin Amber lost her battle to heroin addiction. She has been fighting and battling her addiction for 15 years. Very sadly she overdosed. She couldn't overcome her demons.  Addiction has claimed too many lives. I am sad, mad, hurt, angry.

Addiction hurts those that love you . I hope and pray that  one person who is thinking about recovery or is struggling with their recovery  Will take this thread to heart. the next time could be your last. There is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction. Reach out there is help for you. I don't want to hear of  or see another death from addiction.

As long as there is breathe, there is hope.
Keep the faith.
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I am so sorry to see this Debbie.  Work thru your emotions and count your blessings.  May you find some sort of peace at some point with this.  None of us are exempt from the same fate.  Saying a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight~
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Very sorry to hear this sweet Debbie.  I am here if u need to talk. I love you and hope you find some solace soon.  Thinking of you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you posted that as it's always a very important reminder. Ugh. Peace to you.
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Debbie, I am sad for you and your family at this loss.  I have lose many friends to addiction.  
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I'm sorry to hear this Debbie. Stay strong and keep up the great work you do for others. May God Bless You.

Thank You for your kind words as always. ...ike
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I send my Condolences Debbie to you and all who loved your Cousin, so sad but this is the reality of active addiction. It should scare someone speechless if the are active, scare them enough that they do something about it. This is my prayer. May the Creator guide your loved one home.. warm hugs, lesa
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Sorry for your loss. It really is sad how many lives are being taken. Everyday in my local newspaper more than one are gone. I hope the new laws will help. With doctors only allowed to prescribe 3 days of pain meds will definitely keep down the dependence/addiction. Where I live they've opened a bunch of new detoxes and are allowing people to walk into hospitals, police depts, fire depts, ect, to be placed and get a bed guaranteed. Hopefully this will work. Sorry again for your loss
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I know how you feel from personal loss myself , Best wishes
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Hi Debbie  im so sad to here of your loss  it herts deep and bad when it is family  my wife Kat lost her little sister at 35 to this disease...my heart and prayers go out to you your friend always Mark
thank you all for your love. we must continue to fight the good fight. there are so many hurting souls.
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Debbie, I am so sorry for your loss. Beautiful pleed to those with an addiction. God bless to you and your family <3
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I am so sorry about your loss.
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Debbie....so sorry.  I'd be angry too!  Bless you and yours. Hugs. xo
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