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Strange methadone taper

Ok now this is strange. 3 1/2 weeks ago I was taking 40mg of methadone a day like I have been for the past 7 years. I`ve tapered 2.5mg every 3 days. The past 2 days I only took 10mg a day and today I`m running on 5mg so far and it is 7:45pm. I`m feeling better than I have in years. My pain is almost none and the wd`s are almost none as well. What the heck is going on? I`ve been taking the suppliments in the Thomas Recipe everyday and taking a little more than what it says. I`ve been very tired and have been somewhat sleeping most of the time. I`m going to take another 5mg before bed just because waking up with withdrawls *****. But does this sound right? Should I be feeling this good, but tired, or will it catch up with me?   Everything I`ve been reading says it should be harder than this. Is this normal or am I in for an awakening. At this rate I`ll be off before my next doctors appt. I have enough onhand to taper another 6 weeks but if I don`t need to I would rather not. I need some insight here.
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Hey, well, we're all different so it might not be as bad as you have read. While I definitely think it is good to do research, it can end up like those search overload commercials that aired a few years ago. Try not to analyze it too much and just go with it. I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. :)
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Yeah. Methadone withdrawals are only as difficult as folks want to make it. Its easy to get caught up in the anti methadone rhetoric where folks will demonise the drug,  writing embellished accounts of their nightmarish withdrawal experience.  Generally, folks are more inclined to write about their negative methadone experiences (especially when they concur with common folklore) than they are to write about their positve ones. Just enjoy the progress you've made thus far and try not to question it too deeply.  My methadone detox wasnt that bad either and I had been on it for almost 12 years. Most folks just dont wanna hear these stories.

all the best on your journey
Kind regards Jeremy. Recovered Ex-Addict
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Thanks for the replies. I wasn`t sure what to think. I work in my yard every day, all day as my form of getting exercise. I`m getting things done that I`ve been putting off for a few years and am very pleased with myself. I`m trying to stay buisy and do things that make me feel good. I just hope it keeps going like this. Coming here everyday sure has helped my moral too.
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  Hey...I agree with ***@**** have been off methadone for 25 days today....I remember being so scared of everything you hear about methadone withdrawals....but it really is only as bad as you make it....a positive attitude helps a lot...The withdrawals are definitely not fun, but not as bad as you hear...at least not for me anyway....the sleep thing is what's been the worst...just try and not read to much into it and take day by day....I wish you the best of luck,,,,,Teri  :)
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Thanks Teri. I sleep a lot. I have RLS, but it hasn`t been too bad yet. The suppliments are doing great. Thanks for the pep talk.
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hi methadone has a 36hr 1/2 life so you havent really felt the withdrawals yet coming off so fast your going to feel it but like Teri says it is what it is and usually not as bad as you think its going to be
your going to feel like you jumped from 10 thatsv a lot so expect to feel it for a week or so recovery depends on the individual some people get lucky others its a 90 day grind wont know till you do it hand in there keep posting for support we all want to see you get well good luck and God bless........Gnarly
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