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Suboxone and milk thistle interaction

I'm currently on suboxone and my liver enzymes are little high, and I've been told milk thistle may help. I've read many stories about these two drug interactions. So, Im wondering if it is safe to take suboxone and milk thistle together ?
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well, according to drug interactions... (i have that page saved as a favorite now) lol, suboxone & milk thistle do not have any known interactions with eachother, but the small print also says check with your doctor too.  Hope that helps!
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MadMax---I don't know if Milk Thistle will have a bad interaction with Subs, you should ask your doctor. I have been taking Milk Thistle for years and never had a problem but again I don't take Subs so I don't know---ask your doctor. Someone may come along and have more info so hang in there.
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I've been away for 2 years here. sry it has taken me that long to get back to you. wow!!! my page was still here, awesome.  i've never taken Suboxone, so there fore i have no idea about that. Hope you can search and find your answers on here. Alot of other may  be able to you.
  best to you, MemL
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