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Suboxone detox from 6 1/2 years of 16mlg films no taper given “left cold turkey “

Any tips for someone who is 6 1/2 years clean on a sub treatment clinic & now wanted taper and left to do cold turkey
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Also wild lettuce or California poppy tea if plants available in your area look up herbal remedies for instructions to turn plant into medicine and tea
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Kratom red vein Bali
Fill 12 double zero 00capsules and take for worst of withdrawals
It is a powder from a plant related to the coffee plant in low doses its a stimulant in high doses its a relaxant. I tried to detox off of suboxone and after a month of severe withdrawals i called doctor to find out how much longer he had no clue as it was new back then. I ended up switching to methadone and am currently detoxing slowly am down to 12mg today and go down 2 mg every two weeks it gives me a crappy week followed by a good week before i go down again. Also if you have access to a hot tub it will help tremendously! At a minimum do hot baths also allergy pill for watery eyes nose sneezing and yawning
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I did what your about to do in 2014 after 7 years of taking 24mg of suboxone I quit cold turkey.  Be prepared to be sick for a few weeks.  Are you alone in this or do you have someone that can help you, b/c I do feel like having help is necessary!  Someone to maybe help push you.  

There were supplements that I took while I was detoxing i.e., magnesium, potassium, vitamin C (alot!), zinc.  Try to stay away from energy drinks or shots b/c they're not going to work and they make your anxiety skyrocket!  I had meal replacement shakes that my husband forced down my throat, gatorade, etc....The problem I had was no appetite and so lethargic I had no energy to even drink; but you HAVE TO!!!!  Water to flush your system.  Lots of dark green leafy vege's, banana's, fish, red meat....eat really healthy (what you can eat!).  Don't plan to go anywhere and don't plan to do anything!  Immodium for the stomach issues (though I didn't take any at first b/c I wanted this crap out of my system).  Epsom salts - I probably took 3 - 5 epsom salt baths a day!  The soaking made my body feel better.  

So you posted 20 hours ago......not knowing how much was in your system........subs have a half life where usually you won't go into full withdrawal for 24 - 28 hours after your last dose.  Where are you at with it?  

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