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Can anyone share their experience starting Suboxone. How long did you stay off your drug of choice for instance and how long before you felt better after going thru withdrawals?
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DOC=methadone, waited about 60 hours to induce 4mg. sub. 30min later I still felt some withdrawal and took another 4mg of sub. In another 30 min. I was feeling normal, better than normal on methadone. No more withdrawal. Methadone is a long acting opioid, so I reached about a 25 on the COWS scale, longer than necessary. I waited until I had every symptom before induction. I probably would have been fine at 48hrs, but was only going to do it once. Good luck.
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Hi Kel,

Welcome to the forum.  I went from over 200mg hydrocodone habit per day to Suboxone.  I took suboxone for quite a while, but never experienced any withdrawal at all when transitioning, it worked very well for me.  I saw that you are in Gilbert.  I am from Mesa.
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