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my husband went to the cold turkey 3mg of suboxone, he is already a week old, he does not have strong symptoms, but anxiety comes a lot, and he can hardly sleep, he is always watching tv.  Does anyone know what she can take to improve mood and anxiety?
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My husband has a week clean from the suboxone, but he is only looking at his phone the whole, he has no emosions, no moods, when will this happen?  I'm desperate
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Hello.  How is he this week? He's stopped suboxone.  You sure he's not using anything else?  If not, I'm glad he's doing alright and not having withdrawal.  The blunted emotions is something a lot deal with.  This is actually common with those who have had addictions of alcohol or substance. Their brain chemistry is off (hopefully temporarily).  They call it emotional flatlining.  And it can happen due to dopamine levels in the brain (remember, we have serotonin, dopamine, etc. as brain chemicals, ALL of us). From the article that I'm linking: "When substances are withdrawn the brain is left with a high tolerance to dopamine, no supply of it, and a very limited ability to produce it. The result is anhedonia."  Anhedonia has specific symptoms and this lack of emotion, lack of feeling of joy, going through the motions is all part of it.  https://treehouserecoverypdx.com/emotional-flatlining-how-to-deal-with-anhedonia-3/  Creating adrenaline helps.  (think exercise).  Think of anything that increases your heart rate. Here are ideas from the article:  
    Going rock climbing
    Watching a really scary movie
    Giving a speech (if that scares you)
    Speaking up in a crowd (if that scares you)
    Facing the wrong way in an elevator.
    Asking for a free meal at a restaurant
    Going for a jog or run.
From the article:  " This is an unconscious survival mechanism that elevates your body to its most heightened physical state and thus makes short work of that anhedonic emptiness you’re feeling."

This is an idea to help short term with the issues of anehdonia.  

I do really have to say that talk therapy is very helpful as well.  Online works these days.  They have BetterHealth or most local therapists due virtual. Makes it hard to NOT do it.  

Let us know how it is going.
Today he has 11 days clean of suboxone, he has sweats, diarrhea, and emosions very far, he does not have pain, he does a little exercise doing anything at home, I hope this nightmare will pass soon
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I have been taking Buprenorphine for about 20 years. I went down to 6mg or 3 2mg films for under the tongue and have cut back to just one film. The reason I did is because I found out what the comparison strength is to other opioids and was stunned.
Suboxone is approximately 33-100 times stronger than Morphine.
50X Stronger than Oxicodone.
You just don't high because it has Naloxone or Narcan in it. Your body thinks it is getting some 50-100mg of morphine, but without getting high. Just look up side effects for THAT much opiod!

My doctor had no idea that Suboxone is that strong, my addiction counselor had no idea either. And I don't think most people on Suboxone know this either.
100X Stronger than Methadone.

State of Ohio conversion chart:
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please tell me where you got your facts?

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