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Subutex - Seeking Dr.

I have been takng subutex for 6 years. My physician recently passed away. If anyone could refer me to a dr., psychiatrist, provider, or facility that will prescribe the subutex to those who do not have insurance, I would certainly be grateful. I live in Morgantown, WV, but am close to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. I will travel where ever if necessary. Thanks!
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This is a drug recovery forum,so I'm not sure if you've posted in the right place? Normally when a doctor leaves or in your case passes away (sorry to hear this) they normally have another doctor to take over their patients? This is not your case I'm assuming?
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Go to


There were 716 providers just in Ohio.  Good luck!

I'm going to take this opportunity to let you know folks do get free from Subs.  
I tapered down to .25mg and had moderate to mild WDs.  It wasn't bad at all.  IMHO, getting down to these very low levels is the secret.  Any Doc that has people jumping from 2mg doesn't know what he's doing.

My best wishes and hopes for your future.

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Dr.s that prescribe subutex need a special license and are only allowed 100 customers so to speak. Pillguy is right about the low levels. If I knew I would be on subs for 6 years I would have stayed on oxycodone, The whole point is to get off this whether it be herion or subs. Taper down. With subs a little goes a long way and I rarely take them anymore but I took a small chip smaller than a small diamond ring and it did the trick for a bad tooth ache. At the end I stopped taking them because I wasnt that sick. If I can taper down anyone can. My boyfriend would keep pushing these subs on me and said to myself this is crap. I love the guy and he has seen
n me go thru some bad wds so I got where he was coming from. So when I did quit I was ok with just minor stomach problems. Drs are just legal drug dealers.No Dr. should have a patient on subs for 6 years. I would say at the very most 3 to 4 months. Also do go to some na meetings they do help keep you focused. I just asked my boyfriend and he said 3 to 4 month is to long is should be shorter and he was on H. We both take xanax because of extreme stress but he only gives me enough to keep me calm and not high. Keep on this forum because it helps. Remember smaller is better when it comes to subs. Dove

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