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Subutex dosage

Started subutex today and was wondering what the average dose was? I'm supposed to take 8mg every 8 hours. Thanks!!
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Everyone is different, and many factors come into play when you are taking Sub. Your dose seems pretty average though.
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Shelwoy is right everyone is diffrent.It is an avg dose how long are you planing on staying on it ?
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Just want to do a fairly quick detox... don't really want long term but I guess I need to think about what I'm going to do when the pain returns after done with sub.  I dunno............ damnit.  
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Our resident sub expert = Dr Jeff - has always said that sub should be dosed once per day .... He says that this is what the Docs are told when they get their sub license ... he doesnt know why some dont follow this .... but if I were you I would drop him a line at the Expert Addiction Forum ...  he does know a great deal about sub.
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I will, thanks!  It seems like a hefty dose from what I've been reading.  Def not fealing any withdrawl symptoms.  I also was not advised to be in mod. withdrawl before starting.  Was in somewhat mod. w/d because had cut DOC dose in half 2 days before starting sub.
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Hey lady-
I agree with asking doctor jeff- and I support that fact that you want to do a quick detox- that's they way I did it and it still hurt but the longer you are taking (and larger the dose) the worse the wd will be supposedly- but i am always here to chat if you need it! :)
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they say 21 days or less and u can possibly avoid sub addiction...as a rule..1 mg of sub is equal to 30 mgs of hydro...so 24 mgs is a hefty dose per day of sub....someone with a 80 mg habit can get by on 4mgs or less of sub daily and feel no wds...i was a 80-100 mg hydro user and 2 mgs of sub a day kept the wds away...talking with ur doctor about ur long term goal and remembering that sub is a strong narcotic is a good thing to do...a 500 mg oxy user can get by on 24 mgs of sub and avoid wds as i know someone who did this/plu got a buzz to boot..went on down to 8 mgs pretty fast..learning about whatever u take is important...doctors seem to prescribe large amounts of this stuff..just educate urself and remeber that u r the one who has to quit this stuff one day..and remember everyone is different so what is right for one person may not be right for u...r u going to meetings?
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No meetings yet.. first full day of sub and wasn't sure how it was going to go.  Was still somewhat attached to the bathroom as well, if you know what I mean.  Starting to feel better now after 2 - 8mg doses.  I sooo appreciate your support.  Wasn't looking forward to this point but it is time for sure.  I'm hoping the 21 day thing is true and I can do it quickly without dragging this out.
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Hello... I live in Australia and I work as a peer Educator at a Clean Needle Program...Reckitts Beckinser The supplier of Subutex in Australia recomend once daily doses To start at2 to 4 mg first day, if not comfortable up to 8 or 12 second day up to a full dose within 5 days of a max 32mgs...My advice to you would be if you can have one a day do it and only go as high as you need as you might want to come off one day and the higher the dose the harder and stronger the withdrawals
All the best to you
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Thank you.  That makes sense.  I did indeed skip a dose last night as I didn't feel I needed it. You are right, you can always add to but I guess it's harder to take off in the end!  
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That is great to hear... If you need any advice or just someone to chat too I am here for you...It is hard but be strong you will get there.... Thinking of a Girl...John
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