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When this guy wakes up in the morning he'll be 730 days clean. He'll feel good about that and then get on with his day but...I WILL BE OVERJOYED FOR MY GOOD FREIND!!    He and I tend to express ourselves differently but we are fundamentally alike and I've so enjoyed our friendship. I'm so happy and proud of him and the strides he's made in his life along with the help he's been in other's lives...like my own.  I count on him to be "around" and always feel like everything's just fine when he is.

Most here have benefited from knowing Rick and applying his wisdom to their lives. He's been so quietly supportive and understanding of our newer members and steadfastly present for the veterans.  I hope everyone joins me in wishing him congratulations on this milestone and continued success in life!  Good job Buddy!!   xoxoxoxoxox
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I couldn't have said it better, Vicki!  Congratulations, Ricart!  You are so inspirational, supportive, funny..... I could go on and on.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us here.  You have helped me personally more than you know.  I wish you all the very best, and much happiness!
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A big congrats to you Rick on 2 years!!  woooohooooo!!  Just wanted to thank you for being my friend and helping me along the way as you have countless others....hope you don't have to work too hard and can relax and celebrate this HUGE milestone!  Your soft spoken ways often help others and you don't even realize it.  Keep on doing what you are doing because it's working!!  xoxoxo
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Congratulations on 2 years clean Rick !!!
I hope you have a wonderful day : )
Well done !!!
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Well, it's officially after midnight here in Boston, so let the celebration begin! ;)
A huge congratulations to you on 2 years clean. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! I hope you do something very special today to celebrate this milestone. You deserve it. You have been an inspiration to me and countless others. I thank you for all of the wisdom, insight, and of course all of the laughs. I hope you have a fantastic day my friend!!
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Yay buddy!  You've been around here almost as long as I have and I am beyond stoked for you. I agree with you Vicki- Rick is a Rock in a stormy sea.
This is amazing Rick.  I wish you all the happiness in the world.  You SO deserve it.
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A HUGE congratulations to you!  2 years is just awesome!  Keep rocking it Rick!
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Thank you for posting Vicki!    ;)))    Thank you also for being my friend and giving me wonderful advice over the past 3 (yes 3) years ;))  

Thank all of you guys!   You are great and I care for you all!  I have to go right now but will be back after I get home and write more ;)))    

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is one heck of a milestone. thanks for all you do for the members here. You are an asset and an inspiration for those who are just starting out and the members with time. Keep going forward!!
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Thank you Vicki!! :)

Perfect Post & I Couldn't agree more with all of the above & the comments that follow. I'd like to join in with the rest of MH to celebrate the very, very special Ricart71 on the Remarkable occasion of his 2 Year anniversary.

Good Morning Lurkster & Congratulations!! ;))

What can I say? (too much & not enough probably);) Well, on a personal note, I'd like to share the following:

When it comes to expressing my Gratitude, Respect, Fellow-Feeling & True Affection for You, I find myself @ a loss. It's hard to do you justice but..(Oh look -- there she goes anyway) :)::

You my Dear Friend are just an Amazing Individual -- No two ways about it !!!!!!! I know that from where you're sitting that you might not always be seeing or feeling this way about yourself & that today might be one of those times. So I'm going to remind you:

You have been a Constant & True companion from the first. You've Always been there for me & have influenced my recovery more than anyone else.  (Prepare yourself, Fin -- here come the adjectives): Your groundedness, sensitivity, honesty, wicked sense of humor, brilliant & unique turn of mind have been a 'homing' beacon for me during this strange stormy passage we call recovery. You've been a shoulder, a teacher/example & an inspiration on so many occasions. You've make me laugh (invaluable, that!) & reminded me that I was worthwhile when there was no one else to do it & I'd lost sight of it myself. I wish that somehow I could give you a modicum of what you've given & shared with me & others on this forum. For now, accept these small tokens of my esteem for you:

First, note today's avatar. (Hey! Look!  It's 'Herr' white as requested). Also, I've been holding onto this song for your Two Year Milestone. It's not a 'recovery' tune or anything but when I ran across it, it instantly put me in mind of a side of you that I treasure & share & want to celebrate -- your ('darkish') golden [& occasionally melancholic] soul ;)))):


Please know that you are Loved & Valued, Ric.

Yup, Yes Sir......('Puff, puff' but oh-so-True ;)


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Oops! 'Ricart70' (not '71'). Just consider the missing year as another 'token of esteem'. (You can return the favor sometime;))
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Congragulations to you and all your hard work! Definately job well done.
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Congratulations Ricart on 2 years !! That is Awesome so Happy for you !! I sure hope you are having a Wonderful day for you sure deserve it ! lesa
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I knew you came here around the same time as me. I'm so glad we made it this far. It's been a pleasure to know you. Keep up the good fight. The reality always trumps the fantasy!
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Congrats Rick on an awesome achievement!  Thank you for all you do for everyone here.  May you continue on your road to recovery~
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Congratulations buddy, 2 years is amazing work. Hope life is treating you well and you're keeping busy. Well done, keep after it, ;)
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Congrats friend on your 2 years!! Thank you soo much for being there for me. ;))
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¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨Congrats on the 2 years Ric! ¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤ª“˜¨¨“ª¤.,¸¸¸,.¤

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Hey dude congrats on 2yrs that is a biggy keep doing what your doing it is working for you and a big thanks for all you do on our forum
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Know what?  I heard Ha He rattling pans in the kitchen...fixin to make you a turtle cheesecake for this 2 yr bday cause he knows there's no "dough" involved...LOL and low and behold, then this meteorite blasts thru the kitchen window!!!  Herr did NOT like that addition to his body I'm thinkin and thought his cousin in Ks should have the blasted thing....hahaha!

Hope you have some sushi and some veggies and some laughter....cause you're an amazing man!  You have been clean now 5 of the last 6 yrs and that is quite a major feat!!  One more year and you're on new "countin ground"....I know that will make you happy.  So for TODAY.....delight in how far you've come and how much we all love you~  Bang some pans too.....the boys will like it :):)  
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Congrats Rick!!!
Vicki this is a Great Post and I have to agree with ALL the Above. I sure do miss our funny little times we all used to have on the status..Herr brought us many Giggles for so long.
Rick I have followed you since the day I got on here..Even if I had already 3 months in I still felt a connection..There was not One day I would not read what you had to share. Always looked up to you and enjoyed every piece of experience you had shared with others. I sure glad you are enjoying life at the fullest. Hope my Man up on the fridge has not cracked any more..Hahahaha!
Hey Guy I just noticed I am 69days behind you..Go out and have some Fun on this awesome day you should have going..lol
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A very big congrats on your clean time. It's good to see that
You have been busy living life clean and sober.
Thanks for all you have done around here you have been a major asset.
I am very proud of you and so happy for you.
Keep on keepin on.
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Hey ric congratulations my friend!! Great inspiration for all!
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Thank you guys so very much!!  All of you ;))
I would have posted last night but it seemed that others on the forum needed more attention. ;)  

As I read through the words written I am left with such a different impression than what I expected, in a good way for sure.

Annie- Thank you so much for the kind and puffing words! We really have the same backgrounds and thoughts and in many many cases we also have the same sets of behaviors. I will be thinking of you and wishing you well the whole day tomorrow. Thank you   ;)))))))))    

CIK!   ;))     You better get Ha He rattling those pans and I also wanted to say your post was one of the more shocking in that I had no idea you remembered  about the previous years I had and about the other refs. ;)))  
I hope you are in a fine state tonight and by the way, Herr said that the last time he heard rattling pans they told him He would be attending a party in the sauna. Needless to say, He won't be falling for that trick again.  TY dear friend
  VIC-   You are just the nicest lady I have ever seen and I know it's not an easy chore to be that. You remembered about the guy on my fridge and yes....He is still there and I check his cracks every day with a micrometer and His condition is exactly as it was when He arrived!  ;)))    Thinking of you ViC and hoping and knowing the rest of the year will be great for you!!  

Sarah IBK Lesa and Domino!!!!    You guys are awesome and you know that and thank you for your tolerance of me ;))))))))    jk . a little blanket statement. ;))  
Digger Thank you !!!   You are a great guy ;))  
Toothy!!!!   Love ya ..when they show those maps on tv news where the planes are criss crossing the skies that is actually just toothy on her many routes to extract teeth from the people of the country and take them back to her FL mega tooth storage wharehouse!!  

I know I forgot some but I think about all of you and I KNOW things. lol jk  ;))

You guys are great  and I Thank all of you so much just for being you!   ;))
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