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I have been addicted to opiates for 25 years. I am tapering from say 5 perks and 9 codeine and 8 t3 s a day. I am now 7 days later only taking 3 Tylenol 3 and. 1 codeine a day. I still feel like a big bag of crap cry at drop of hat. I have done on own with family support. I have never done or even tried to quit before. Please ANY guidance would be helpful. I do not want to take any more prescribed meds to help me get off. Please tell me it gets better.
Thx for listening.
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First of all what doctor will write that much? If your not getting them from a doctor how can you afford  them? Not knocking at ya I'm also a pill head..I take 5 oxy 20s and 76 mg from my pain clinic. Thank god for them,..well I wish you the best!!!!
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Hi, and congrats for reaching out!  Great job thus far on your taper, slow and steady on that taper and you will do great.  Crying is great, it kinda feels cathartic  at times, when we have all those opiates  in  our bodies we cant "feel" and unfortunately we cant feel the good either, so now that you are cleansing your body from the opiates you are starting to feel, so embrace it, welcome it and enjoy, before you know it you will laugh and feel joy in more ways than ever!   Life does get better, if you continue to use life is so much worse as the addiction only continues to develop.  You got this, get yourself set up in some sort of aftercare program and continue to reach out and you will be amazed how much life has to offer!!!! Best of luck
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