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Thanks guys!

I just got to come back on here, my dad doesnt get the whole computer thing and doesnt let me go on much. I just read all of your comments and it really made me smile. Im having a pretty good day. I got a really great compliment today from my boss and it really made my day :) Ive been trying to keep myself busy too. But those comments were the icing on the cake so thank you...very very much. I know not every day will be this great so I will have to read your comments to help ease the pain a little. If I dont come on everyday or dont always respond to comments I'm sorry, its not that I dont appreciate them or that I dont read them, but like I said right now my dad is treating me like a 10 year old, but I guess he just doesnt want me trying to find pills or anything stupid like that, so I can see wheres hes coming from.  It just sucks not being able to go and see my old friends in New Hampshire, having no friends to take my mind off of things is definitely hard...but I know I just need to get through this because its MUCH better for me in the long run :)
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you have a friend in each one of us. :) glad you had a good day
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Glad u were able to get back on and see that people care girl...u will make new friends and u will be so busy you wont know what hit cha...keep on posting when u can
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You have a friend in me in New Hampshire!

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You know I have been your friend since you came on here. Way to go at the job!
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You got a friend in Southern IL. Maybe try to show your dad some of the posts without getting him scared to death. Just a thought. Good luck and God bless.
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