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The Dregs of addiction

Today I buried my best friend due to an OD, he was on pain meds due to a back injury on the job as a brother firefighter. I as he had been hurt on the job and empathized with about his injuries and taking opiates to relieve his pain. I consoled him about the dangers of long term use of opiates to relieve his pain. He knew the problems I went through from my injuries and subsequent addiction to OxyContin and was one of the people who help me through my addiction and recovery. So that is why I didn't think that he of all people was living the lie of addiction; He hide it very well. The problem started when after his pain management doctor cut him off due to the pressure from the DEA and left him not only in pain but also addicted to oxy. He as many folks then went to the street to get his pain meds. This became very expensive and he wound up doing heroin.

You may be reading this and saying to yourself "So why should I care about this" well I am here to say this is happening far to much in our society. There are far to many so called "Pain management Specialist"  that really don't treat pain but look at folks with injuries as cash cows until the DEA knocks at their door. Then they drop you like a hot rock.

There are other methods of controlling pain other than giving high doses of pain meds!!! But that is not profitable. So please think twice about going to a "Pain management Specialist" that just offers drugs. It took me a long time to get off of oxys and thank god for my lovely wife and my great friends at MedHelp (and you all know who you are) who helped me when I was in crisis.

Peace & Love ---Rick    
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I am really sorry to hear that you lost a person so close to you; regretfully, it happens every day.  These are using addicts options   JAILS, INSTITUTIONS AND DEATH.  I think alot of us forget that death, is a real option.  
I hope for peace in your life.
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I am so sorry Rick to hear of your best friends passing.  Take the time to grieve and remember to reach out.   The number of OD"s just keep racking up and it just breaks my heart.  Knowledge is power and we need to scream this from the mountain top.  Understanding addiction must be a priority.  Sending you comfort and strength my friend.  Much love to you and your family, sara
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Awe Rick I am so sorry to read.
It really is so sad. I know of too many who have lost the battle.
Thinking of you. Sending prayers and comfort.
I hope you Ash & Michey are well.
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