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This forum seems to be messed up

so I hadnt been on in awhile and now I go on and this forum seems screwed up...recent posts arent recent at all...I like to try to offer what little I know and as much support as I can so I read most recent posts and then I notice they all started a long time ago and arent really current....i dont know why but i see other people comment on the forum and the timeliness of posts and lack of people supporitng them...well I cant seem to figure out whos saying what and when
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Hi there,  sorry you are seeing the forum as "messed up".  If you are in the new format, you can toggle between "newest" and "active" which can switch up the line up of posts.  Newest are posts that were recently asked.  Active will be posts that have had activity whether they are old or new.  

Otherwise, we have various things happen where people will post on old questions which brings them to the top.  

Hope this helps.  
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