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To help a friend qiut Marijuana for good....

Hi Everyone,
Here is my question. I have a friend ,18 year old male, who recently last year went back to smoking Marijuana. He is currently working at Target but lately there have been no random testing so he hasn't gotten caught. My reason for this is because he loves his job very much but takes it for granted. Lately he has been taking many things for granted. I would think that random testing would scare him to stop his drug abuse but it hasn't. I have asked him to stop on frequent occasions because I just hate to see people stoned and doped out, especially him because he had a bright future going. Ex: He was going to join the Marines, go to school Auto Mechanics afterwards and so on... But he continues he says " he can stop whenever he wants because he is not addicted to it" "he enjoys smoking pot because it 'relaxes' him" but i truly feel that it is breaking everything in his life up. From a 3rd person's perspective his parents have stopped trusting him, his 5 year relationship with his gf has gone down the toilet and he has no ambition to get his GED (he did not graduate highschool). Seeing him ruin his life has had quite a toll on his family and me. I want to help him and his family. His attitude started to appear when he started to smoke again. He has lost the desire for anything. The only people he has hung around with are gangbangers, drug dealers and potheads. He still has hope and a chance to get out and get help. He is not a lost cause yet. The help that I am seeking are programs like adult interventions for his age that can help him quit this drug abuse before it escalates into harder and stronger drugs. I've done my research and have read many times that Marjuana is the "gateway" drug to many other ones such as heroine, or even cocaine. If you can please help and send me links for interventions programs that can help him it would be much appreciated!!! Thank You!    
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Just wanted to know if he has any desire to stop. Do you suspect he is taking any other drug on top of this?
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What do you mean by adult interventions? Like having an intervention for him or what kind of help is there out there to beat addiction? Sorry i am a lil slow tonight, lol. Just wanted to help.
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You sound like a very caring friend.  Does your friend want to quit?  I hope he will get his life back on track.  Learn all you can about addiction.  That will help you and your friend.  Keep us posted         sara
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Well i mean intervention programs for people to quit thier drug abuse. Any kind that can help him get counseling and stop his whole drug abuse.From my knowledge it has only been Marijuana. I feel that the only reason he does it is because he felt that he never "lived the life". And later it became some sort of addiction. Another reason i seek help is because he also has chronic asthma and from what ive read marijuana cause asthma!!! which can be worse for him :(  Thank you for your help!
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Thanks sara! I really do care for him because he is my best friend! I feel that he does it to be "cool" and it just became an addiction. i really hope and pray to God that he does get back on track because he truly is a bright guy!
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Would he be willing to come and look around the forum??
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The first thing is the kid is 18yrs old and at that age you really have no comprehension on what life is really about. If all he really does is smoke marijuana occassionally I wouldnt be extemely freaked out that hes ruining his life. Thats not to say he should be smoking or not, but in comparison to all other drugs including alcohol, in my opinion marijuana is far less harmful, again I dont want to sound like Im encouraging the situation, just putting it into some perspective. Now the thoughts about it being a gateway drug I totally agree that it can lead to other drugs, cause where there any drugs theres usually different kinds. The whole job situation thing he really should take into consideration because jobs are hard to come by these days, but I imagine he believes he could beat the tests with some sort of cleansing methods (fluids, clean urine) that can be bought at any smokeshop or online. I dont encourage anyone to use any sort of mind altering substance at this point in my life, but hes young and will have to learn, either the easy way or the hard way, hopefully easy. Keep posting about how things go, theres tons of people on here that can offer you advice and experience can only benefit you. I wish you and your friend the best of luck.
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Please dont think I am making light of your friends situation, but many people smoke marijuana and it doesnt have to negatively affect their life. I dont smoke so I am not advocating anything, but I know a lot fo people who do smoke and it hasnt affected their ambition or their success and I am talking mid 20s so they have more responsibility..Most people on here have to face terrible withdrawals when they quit their drug, but your friend can quit when he wants to and he will not feel physical w/ds from it. I agree with you that the drug testing should deter him from smoking especially if he values his job like you say he does. Anyway i just wanted to let you know that he can easily help himself out and honestly his situation is very common and not as serious as u may think. There I go again coming across like I am telling you that your situation isnt important. Please understand I dont mean to come across that way, its just that I view marijuana as very different from the other drugs. The problem is that it tends to lead to worse drugs so I commend you for trying to get your friend to realize the issue early on. Sarah is right though, if he is willing to listen to some drug stories and people who struggle with addicition this is a great place to start. This website has changed the life for many people, myself included. I wish you nothing but the best.
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If he is willing to get help..he is well on his way..true pot has no physical wds..but mentally i am sure it does...i never really had it and was a heavy pot smoker for 10 yrs or so..a long time ago...not telling my age here now!  LOL...but one day i just put pot down...easy to say isnt it?   not everyone can do this...cigarettes are another prime example of how hard "LIL" addictions in the scope of addiction can actually be when it comes time to quit
If ur friend wants this..then he can do this...but he has to want it..i have chiropractor friend who got a dui and gets tested monthly..but continues to smoke pot...her license is at stake every month..she will do a cleanse and always passes..but the stress she undergoes to continue pot astounds me..she brags of never even taking tylenol//"I dont take any pills"

I agree..pot gets people in way less trouble/as a rule/than alcohol..maybe it should be legal..as a rule pot smokers do not hit people, drive crazy or become violent with a pot high..fact is it remains illegal and alcohol does not..so often we must play by the rules of society...like it or not
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Thank you everyone who was willing to help me in this situation. I see many of your points about smoking marijuana but its not really about the addiction but more about how he is putting so much emphasis on wanting to do it. He use to be an ex drug addict and i just feel he went back to his old habits! I understand that an 18 year old does not have much experince in life but my point is how much of his life he reducing.I forgot to also mention that he also smokes cigarrettes when he is not smoking weed and drinks alcohol. To make a long story short i see the effects these habits have put his family in and its breaking them apart....but by all none its getting a hold of him.  
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sounds to me like he is just quitting life bro. I think the weed is definitly being used as an escape, from somethin or nother in his life. Maybe he is scared to try and fail, or just tryin at all scares the **** outta him. but for some reason it seems like he is givin up on hopes and ambition. and hangin wit gangbangers sure ain gonna give him ne kind of motivation to have a better life, trust me on tha one. Try sittin him down and askin him wuts got him down on life, not just why he wants to smoke weed. I know you woulnt be here if ya wuznt a great friend , all of us here would be lucky to have friends care enough to spend their own time on our problems. so use that friend card and see wut it brings up, maybe he'll talk to ya maybe not, but i think he is tryin to get away from somethin. best of luck bro, let us know how it turns out
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If benefits are strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up, it get to be easier to a weed smoker to quit weed smoking. Yes, health related and other benefits are mighty instead of smoking weed. After quitting weed, about 85% people get rid of symptoms usually within 3 weeks.

Here is 10 amazing benefits of quitting weed; telling these benefits might help your friend quitting it.

    *Restoration of Brain Function
    *Physical Improvements
    *Increase Judgement Power
    *Changing Way of Thinking
    *More Confidence and Glossy Imagination
    *Quitting nicotine at the same time
    *Skin and Beauty benefits
    *Increases Love and Emotion
    *Raising Humanity
    *Enhance Self Respect

Lets go for details:
1) Restoration of Brain Function:

You know that THC (main ingredient of cannabis) can acts by binding with cannabinoid receptors which present in certain area of your brain. Following exposure, it start to decrease your memory and learning function (Hippocampus) and inability of fine movement activities (Cerebellum). After quitting weed, you will be able to gain sharp memory and skillful activities in daily work.

2. Physical Benefits of Quitting Weed:

    *Relief Anxiety and Palpitation: Your Heart will be able to work smoothly – normal rate and rhythm and provide adequate nutrition to all cells of body. You will feel cool.
*Make You Energetic: Your Lungs will be able to work perfectly in supplying adequate oxygen to the body instead of carbon-monoxide, THC and others. All cells of your body, make more energy by using oxygen and make you strong enough to overcome anything.

    *Keep You Away From Insomnia: Sleep is more important for rest of your brain and it is natural. It keeps mind always clear. If you choose a way for sleep against nature, it will destroy you. Make your day productive as you dream, sleep will come with dream.

    *Improve Your Anorexia: Although medical use of marijuana may try to improve anorexia in some severe anorexic diseases like cancer, but it causes anorexia if you over use it in healthy state. After quitting weed, the original taste of tongue come back within few weeks.

    *Better Digestion of Food: The part of body that provide nutrition from ingested foods known to you as Alimentary system. The function of this system intensified when you quit weed.

    *Regular Bowel and Bladder Habit: After quitting weed, your constipation and micturation difficulties improves more than as you deserve.

    *Make You More Fertile Beyond Imagination: In most of the cases, fertile couples become unable to get baby when they continuously using weed. It is medically proved that, weed smoking decrease your sperm count and make less fertile sperm. You should decide that what you need to do before getting a baby.

3. Increase Judgement Power :

The judgement power helps you to know about what to do and what you are doing. During high mode, it is very hard to use this sense perfectly. After quitting, this judgment power increases and make you more acceptable in the family and as well as society.

4. Changing Way of Thinking:

This is noticed by you that thinking during high mood and after come from it are totally different. Impossible things that makes you feel batter usually dreamed during high. But you can make your dream come true, if you think without high. After leaving pot, you will able to get things done what you dream.

5. More Confidence and Glossy Imagination:

Confidence only grow after completing something successfully. A confident person always influenced by own glossy imagination. When you overcome to quit weed, you become more confident in your practical life and glossy imagination start to grow within you. So, its time to become confident without high.

6. Quitting Nicotine at The Same Time:

It has been said that using marijuana is a gait-way to other many addiction like smoking, drug abusing etc. So, if marijuana use stopped by you, all gait of addiction will close permanently.

7. Skin and Beauty Benefits of Quitting Weed:

THC increase Testosterone (male predominant hormone but present also less amount in female) level in both sexes. That increase oily secretions from glands of your skin leads to oily and rough skin. Raised testosterone level may causes hair loss (signs of high testosterone level). On the other hand, a lot of free radicals enters into body during smoking, that may rise to skin tumors or even cancer. So, decide that what is important for you. Glossiness of skin naturally raised by eating Vitamin-E (tochopherol) containing foods like sunflower oil, Almonds. For this, Vitamin-E called Vitamin of Youth.

8. Increases Love and Emotion:

Bonding between members of your family linked by love and lots of emotions. Without love a strong bond between family members is not possible. Long term use of weed makes you introvert and keep you away from your family. So, leave weed and enjoy family life with love and expectations.

9. Raising Humanity:

Remember one thing that you are a Human being. What ever you do, if you do nothing for mankind – there is no difference between you and a beast. Any addiction – will grasp your humanity. After quitting marijuana, you are able to grow mankind such as you can save money instead of smoking weed and use it for the mankind. It will also bring inner peace of your mind which weed never will… This one is best part of benefits of quitting weed.

10. Enhance Self Respect:

Weed smokers always neglected by family members and society. Although you may be a ‘productive’ person in your society, but at the end of the day when you think about it – you feel ashamed. Following exposure, a respected person become disrespected, which also reduces self respect. Self respect will be increased if you quit weed and lead a healthy addiction free life.

Source : http://www.healthtion.com/10-amazing-benefits-of-quitting-weed/
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In my experience, ONLY the drug user themselves can quit- caring friends, family, they can't really do much at all- being realistic.
You are absolutely right, though..drugs can be ruinous to careers, especially for ones like the Forces.
If your friend has other interests, apart from drugs, encourage him in that direction.

There is nothing sadder than wasted lives due to drugs-
Don't worry unduly about the 'gateway' thing..yes, most heroin addicts began smoking weed, but that is like saying ''an alcoholic began with a half of shandy''.
Heroin is very different to weed- and with luck, your friend won't be seduced by the seedy 'glamour' of it [as many younger people were in UK] .

Drugs can seem 'exciting' to some people- but only if they don't have other interests.

You sound a great friend to have.
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