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Hi all,

I am thinkg of a surgery of tonsils because I usually got tonsillitis and stinky white balls (tonsil stones) in my throat and tonsils.  So I am very nervous for that decision, I have asked several questions for my doctor and he says "you need a tonsillectomy and nasal cauterization because of your nasal turbinates and Tonsilloliths". I would like if someone there knows if after surgery my tonsil stones will really desappear and I will be able to breath normally. Sorry if I am so straightforward but I am very nervous because I have heard people after that surgery has suffered wording & nasal problems. thanks

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Sorry this is the addiction forum.. I think you are in the wrong spot.
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My dr. wants or wanted me to get my tonsils out maybe not now that he knows i'm a addict, but I think you're in the wornge place to get a answer for this. Didn't you're dr tell you?
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I would check out the ear, nose & throat forum.......good luck.  I have the same thing......that **** in my throat.......i would advise against the ectomy, unless it is causing chronic illness.  Although, tonsillectomy has come a long way since my childhood days.....I think they do it by laser now.....not sure, but, anyhow......how old are you? and how long have you had the problem?  Good luck, and , check out the ear nose and throat fourm........

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Thanks for your advice and I will get to the right forum.
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