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Thank heavens for this forum & the wonderful people that take time & energy to help others.
   A doctor gave me a combo of Celebrex & Tramadol for pain relief. I filled the scripts. Took em for a day or so & thought hey! Wait one minute. Isn't this the drug that the forum had talked about?
    I stopped right away. Thanks everyone. You've saved me.  Maxy
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Yes!  The Docs love to push tramadol and tell us it isnt addictive!!  Yesterday when I was in group the group leader asked me why I dont go on tramadol for pain!  I explained to him that it was addictive and has an SSRI in it..... How do these people get their jobs!!!!  So glad you caught it before you took it for more than a day!!!!  Whew!!!!  :)
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Yes glad to see you turned them down as I have said many times because I want the word out about the trams I can not say much about the high doses of Methadone but I can tell you I would rather ct 20mg of methadaone than the trams any day when I ct trams it was bye far the worst hell of my life trams are where my whole deal started they are evil and so many think they are weak and not addictive I read so many comments on you tube of people saying they where about as hard to stop as M&Ms I call BS those people have no ideia
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Good move my friend. The AD in Trams is not a good fit for those with manic tendencies. Glad you realized what was happening. Now that I detoxed opiates, I learn all about any med, before I put it in my body or fill a script. I don't take any meds right now, but new ones are suggested to me regularly. I am learning all about them, just in case I need one some day. I will never take a med and not know all the potential consequences again.
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I have been taking Tramadol for over 2 yrs and over the last year or so. I have been taking 200mg ER Tablets, three to four times a day. I think I may have made things worst because I started chewing the tablets at times for more immediate action due to severe headaches and what my doctor had described as fibromyalgia. My doctor had told me I may become dependent on it but it was not addictive so I never worried about it. I believed I had a strong will power and could quit when I needed to.
I always thought that taking Tramadol was the lesser of two evils between pain or no pain. I also noticed I didn’t have the depression I had become used to for most of my life and that was a great thing. I read that it inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine; and I was never able to handle any type of anti-depressant so this one was mine. My energy level increased and my performance at work improved as well.
I thought life was good until about a year ago I noticed a real decline on the pain treatment side of the Tramadol effects so I tried to stop taking them. Bad choice I had violent outbursts at work, I was not operating the machinery in a safe manner anymore, and my depression had returned worst than before.
I went to my family doctor a he said it was alright to stay on this medication just taper it down to 400mg a day. I tried this but it never had the same effect so I asked him to put me back up to 600mg a day. Despite how much Tramadol I used I have never had the same relief I once had. So I started the yo-yo effect taper down then coming back up for over a year this just about drove me crazy.
I became isolated from everyone had problems at home and seemed to be hanging on daily by my fingertips when it came to life. I started making a family video for my funeral, picking out songs, and wrote what I thought was a great suicide note. I wanted to die but was afraid to die; I believe in God and life after death and what about my wife, children, and grandchildren. Would they remember me as a loser husband, father, and grandpa? I believe this is the only thing that kept me alive.
Finally on January 10, 2016 I just quit “cold turkey” withdrawals started about 12 hrs later with restlessness and then panicky feelings. I went to bed that night and started to circle in my bed like a crazy dog just trying to get comfortable. I kept getting in and out of bed and slept maybe three hours.
Day two: Was much the same but I was getting brain zaps and my body ached like I was thrown out of a car. I felt like I was catching the flu and I still had lots of anxiety and almost no sleep.
Day three: Was worst in the middle of the night I went to have a bath for the body aches. I don’t know if it was the heat along with the withdrawals but my wife found me later in the kitchen trying to cook cereal on bread. The oven was on full blast and the door open, but I was trying to get the full sized oven rack into the convention oven.
Day Four: I felt I had a really bad case of the flu. My wife stayed home with me I watched TV all day and night did not eat. I went to bed around 8 o’clock but I know I never slept much more than an hour or two. I kept getting up and walking around the house then going back to bed. Lots+++ of anxiety.
Day Five: I started to feel better just a little flu-like symptoms but I still could not sleep and have lots of body aches. I believe this to be my greatest breaking point from the withdrawals.
Day Six: Today I feel a lot better now only four hours sleep but the other stuff is getting better. Still have flu-like symptoms but getting better. Still have some anxiety and depression but not like before. I have been up since 3:30 and able to focus on the computer writing my blog.
I think things are going to get a lot easier from here. I have an appointment coming up next Friday with a psychiatrist that I have been waiting over three months for. I hope he can help me with at least the depression and sleep part. Just thought I would write after hearing all your stories about trying to get off Tramadol. I don’t think I would recommend the way I am doing it; it was a horrible experience. But I just could not seem to be the one that could taper from Tramadol. Luckily I have been off on short term disability or it would have been impossible.
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Great job, I too cold turkey from tramadol and oxycodone. It is not easy. I'm glad you stuck with it. Great job. It is important to not go back. Keep up the great work.
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