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My husband and I have been on methadone maintenance for 14 years. Same clinic, same dose, and total recovery , as hard as that is to believe, I have no reason to lie.
He is on the UNOS  TRANSPLANT LIST waiting 8 years now for a liver. So that is a very big incentive to stay clean, as if he is tested and found pos for even one urine or swab screen, he is taken OFF the list and put back to the bottom, for one year he has to attend groups and N.A. meetings ,etc.
Today, the clinic called us back, as we both have had "take home privileges": (6 bottles a week, the top of the line) and the Director herself met with us and told him that he had a positive urine screen last week for FENTANYL.
His take homes have been suspended until they get the second test back- they are re-sending the same urine screen out for further testing.
I found out that this past week, they JUST added fentanyl to their urine screens- they do both swabs and urine- and I also found out from a counselor that HALF of the people who had urine screens drawn that day had fentanyl in them.

MY QUESTION: do we have ANY rights here? DO people ON Methadone Maintenance of Suboxone HAVE any rights with regards to how we are treated and if we have put together all these years of compliance with not just urine screens but groups, counseling attendance (ALL SPOTLESS!) and behavioral issues, etc why can't we get ONE benefit of the doubt?
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Hang in there ash...it happens way too often.
what a kick in the gut, to those that are doing the right thing.
Further testing will prove it negative
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Hi...well I was on methadone for 7yrs  and one of my urin test came back positive for cocaine ....I never liked coke and dident do it ...I had the same thing happen they pulled my take homes and in order to clear it up I had to pay 20 bucks to get the original sample retested and it came back ok...since it was there fault I asked for my 20 bucks back  but never got it  if your clean dont worrie about it everything will be fine once they retest it.............Gnarly
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