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Ultram W/D, am I helping or hurting?

I've been on 300mg Ultram ER for a couple of years. I recently went down to 200mg on my doc's advice.
When those were gone too early, of course, I feined horrible w/d's and the doc gave me 20 short acting
50mg tabs of tramadol. I have taken 4 50's mostly in the early part of the day for the past 3 days. More the first day, actually, but it shouldn't matter. Now, I've got just a couple left, had only one  today. Starting to feel weird.
I've been taking a quarter of a 50 mg tramadol when I start feeling bad. Is that making things worse by prolonging
the inevitable, or should it help? Guess I need a crystal ball. Knowing these things DOES help...any advice is appreciated on help with the RLS and other horrible w/d symptoms...
Thanks for reading.
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thanks for the list. I'm on it. I forgot that the heating pad can combat a bad case of flails and the stomach ewwws. I'm still scared though. I have started crying all the time too...every little thing. But mostly happy tears.
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I have no idea why that posted twice!!!

The crying and fear are normal, and will go away.  You haven't been feeling for awhile!  Having a supportive hubby helps.  Mine helped a lot, especially taking care of things while I was "down"!

Don't let your fear stop you from doing this.  It's going to be over soon!
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K, going to try to go to bed. Hoping that nyquil won't make things worse, it may help with the sneezing and stuff. I'll report in tomorrow, when I can. Thanks a million and cya then or whenever you get on. Have a good night. Lisa
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Nyquil was very helpful for sleep. I took a 1/4 tram and a normal dose of nyquil and went to bed, no issues. Woke up feeling a bit freaky have only taken 1/2 of a tram since.
My hubby made me something to eat, and lots of cut up veggies.
I took a B stress complex, but don't have any mag/cal yet, kinda broke
for all the store stuff.
I am on my ritalin, not sure if it helps or hurts. It does seem to keep
me a bit more positive.
It's become VERY obvious my family wants me to succeed with this.
I am a bit sweaty, then cold. Weepy. But OK. I will make it through this.
I want to. To go through this ever again would be just insane, and I know it.
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Yes it's insane, and I did if for a long time.  That is what WD feels like.  Hot, sweaty, cold, freezing and then hot again!  It doesn't last forever thank goodness.  The B vitamin is good.  Glad you have that. I take it too.  Super B it's called, I think.  The mag/cal is a help for RLS, but if you don't have the RLS that's GREAT!  You are dodging a big bullet!  You may get it when you stop the tram completely.  Heating pad is good if you have one.  Glad you ate too!  You'll need it for energy!

I'll check on ya later!

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I do get the RLS, have before,it's the WORST. I do have multivitamins with mag and lots of really good c and b vitamins. I do have epsom salt, so I did soak in it when I felt a little RLS coming on, just a bit ago...it really does seem to help.
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