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Update 4 years clean off heroin

Hi love bugs. Haven't been on here in a good while. I hope everyone is doing great. If not, keep your head held high. Trust me, the pain will soon end but you have to help yourself also.
I've been doing great! My son is now 3.5 years old and a great little boy. I love him so much and he is the one that pushes me every day! I stay so busy that I forgot about my sobriety! This past November, I have now been 4 years clean off of drugs! DOC was heroin. But let's just say, I won't even take over the counter medicine that make you feel sleepy. I guess for me, that's a trigger and I definitely don't feel comfortable doing it. Especially of the thought of feeling sleepy with my son around. No thank you.
Can you believe it though? 4 years clean! AND I stopped smoking completely 2 years ago! Now, I'm not gonna lie. I'm always going to be an addict. There are certain things that I have to be careful with. Like over the counter medicine like I stated earlier, and then I noticed that my music I use to listen to back then was bringing back to many memories that I had to change my music up. More uplifting music! And of course, the random thought of remembering the high days. I don't want to go back and I know I won't but of course, I think about the old days. In all honesty, my son keeps me on the right road.
If your struggling right now with addiction, just stay strong! Help yourself out weather that be weining yourself off of your drug of choice or checking yourself into a rehab. My choice was weining and although that decision was kinda risky for me to do since I was 5 months pregnant, it was the best decision I did. The pain will never end. Physically and emotionally. The thought of what your going through right now will hurt you later. Because if you're reading this then obviously you are wanting help! I now getting emotional reading my old post from 2012 because I remember crying to myself wishing that I could just quit heroin. Regretting ever touching the drug.
Take the leap to sobriety. I promise it's so much better then the high your get. My NEW high is the love my son and I have. We're like two peas in a pod! And I treasure the time I spend with my family now. I've always avoided them when I use to do drugs and now I treasure every minute. You'll find a new healthy high! Trust me.

Well loves, until next time. Hopefully I won't take 2 more years to update on life. Stay strong!
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Oh cruz, what an incredible post to see right away this morning!!  Congrats on 4 amazing years clean!!!  You sound so good and finally living life!  Great job on 2 yrs off smokes too!!  I am so proud of you and so happy to see you here!!
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Wow 4 yrs that is beyond amazing I lost my brother 2 yrs ago to herion he was 18 my cousin got him started on it she used him for a money train she is still using I'm having such a hard time dealing with her and her mother my aunt she is a enable her so much so I decided to cut off ties to them I still love them but from a distance that might be wrong but I can't deal with all the drama I'm 5 months clean from pain pills got hooked on them from a back injury your story is a
Amazing you took your life back way to go
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Awesome Story , Congrats on your Clean time.
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You made me cry.  Day 7 and I can't get a hold of my emotions.
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He Cruz a big congrats on 4yrs clean.....we often wounder what happens to all the people that pass threw this forum.....reading a post like yours is a breath of fresh air Im so happy you got your life back
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