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Update from a rare visitor these days

Hello all

Just wanted to make a small update on my situation so no one worries about me falling into a hole of any kind :o)

At day 53 of my "Tramadol get the hell away from me" period. I am almost back to normal, whatever that entails, and life is beginning to shape up. I would say that I am at 90-95% and the last 5-10 % isn't neccesarily due to the trams...

The support from my MH friends has been invaluable and I am pretty sure that if MH didn't excist many addict would fall through the cracks...

The biggest issues I am dealing with at the moment must be my new lifestyle... I have never been very social or outgoing.. I dont have a social network as such because work has provided me with all the socialization I need.. and I havenever had any real hobbies that could hold my attention for longer periods.. This all changed when I stopped Trams... I began trainig 3-5 times a week which gives me great boost in energy and wellness.. I am in a serious relationship for the first time in a long period so that presents many new daily activities... and I am trying to expand my social network... all in all there are many changes and I often get the feeling that "WOW" this is bizarre or weird - miss the comfort of the safe old life - allthough that life no longer offers me those things...

This week I am away with work on a teambuilding experience at an estate way way out in the country side so that is why I am not that active in spreading the joy and humor as I usually do - but I AM checking in from time to time to read...

be well all..
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Thanks for the post and update B!!  So glad you are out living life!!  way to go friend!  stay in touch!  
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You are doing so great! I'm very proud of you Bear.
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I am soo happy for you and keep us posted dont dissappear like so many do, Congrats on life and LOVE Makes me have hope!!
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Thanks so much for the update! I'm so glad to hear how well you're doing and your life sounds pretty darn awesome!! I bet you're loving this new life over the old, pill-obsessed life!! Thanks for checking in...your a huge asset to us around here so don't stay away at some fun job training for too long! :)
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Thinking of you!! You are doing great :)
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