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Want to say hi,its been a while&I would like to see if I can help anyone out as well

Hey everyone.I'm not sure who might be here that would remember me but for all you newbies this is a wonderful support system,a great place to get advice,and an amazing group of people.I came here maybe 9 seconds sober from taking LOTS of opiates(also other pills thrown in).I was helped more than anyone who posted to me would even know.I've for over 5 years sober now.I was very active for a while.I touched base a few months ago.PLEASE feel free to ask my anything or share your story with me.I even posted an actual pic of myself on my profile which is a big deal for me and I'm so proud.
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Hey Sabrina so glad to see your fantabulous uodate.
You look and sound wonderful. A huge congrats on your five + years. Recovery looks awesome on you. You wear it well. So happy for you and very proud of you.
Hugs, Debbie
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Hi Girl.
I sure do remember you and I was wondering how you have been. You were the first one I ever sent a PM too. I really have missed you out here. SO happy for you and your clean time. I am riding up on 4 yrs now. Glad you put a picture up. Ha! I had you looking so different in my mind back in them days.
I also remember you asking me why I put my screen name up as vvic, when I came off of 3 meds and one was Methadone. YOU were the first one to let me know how dangerous it was to c/t a benzo.
Are you getting the Old format or the New one??
Come on back!!
Bless U
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Hi! I'm new to this! These sights have been my savior these past 4 days! So thank you!!!!! Im on day 4 of opiate wd's.. And yes it is better than day 1,2 or 3 but I'm feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, RSL, insomnia ( haven't slept in 4 days) and I still have the chills/ goosebumps and a very bad headache!! I have been taking vitamins, Gatorade, Benadryl at night doesn't help at all, Tylenol and I can't take a hot shower or bath Cuz I'm too cold and I can't imagine getting out! Can somebody please tell me when I can expect to start feeling better? This is truly the hardest thing that I have ever gone through!

Thank you all so much for posting, it really does make a difference!
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Why don't you go up to the top and hit "ask a question". This way we can help you out. Tell us how many mg you got up to in a day and how many yrs of using. This way we can help a bit more, with more info.

I can say Time & Patience right now. Are YOU getting a outside Support? That is a Big one. We have a disease and like any disease we need Support & Help. Make sure you keep drinking tons of fluids. Some vit/min like Magnesium and D3 will help relax you. There is SO much to the detox, but the detox is over and the hard work begins..working on staying clean takes lots of footwork and faith. WE are here to help you.
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I am over the top happy for you and so glad to see you on here!!

Congrats on your clean time~
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You are simply beautiful~
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So nice to see you bop in! A huge congrats on your 5+ YEARS clean!!!!
Wahoo YOU!!!
Thanks for posting your pic, too.  You are just as Sara said, "Simply Beautiful"☺
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