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Welcome motye51 as CL in Addiction: Substance Abuse and Addiction Social :)

Welcome motye51 as a new Community Leader in Addiction!

She'll be a CL along with dominosarah and atthebeach. :)

MedHelp is lucky to have her!
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Congrats. This forum is far less active than it used to be, but it still seems to have a great set of community leaders. It's so helpful to have great caretakers of this community as people like me come and go over the years. :)
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Your in good hands MM!!  We always had everyones back and that still stands true today~

Nice to see you Vic!!  I will send you a message!!
Honestly, i would love to engage more. When i first found this site i think i googled "how to get off suboxone at home" and this site came up.  I was glad i found it b/c at that tome i was chain smoking out my bathroom window thinking i was dying!!! Lmao..... The knowledge of addicts helping one and other on this site is invaluable!!
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Congrats to you motye51. Hi Emily and everyone else. Just checked in to say hi and that I am still clean & sober. (over8yrs). I miss all of you & being a CL myself, at one time, was great. I am so glad to see that the older-timers are still here and that motye51 stuck around. I just have been busy with my new clean life. YOU rock it motye51!!! God Bless you all and just take it day by day. lol
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Thank you.  Your help was invaluable, as was everyone's in helping me get clean (6 1/2 years) and happy.  The "happy" part being what I like most about recovery because I didn't realize what I was missing out on.  I'm glad your doing well and enjoying your life. Much respect....
Hi again! I was just looking around the site and seen this. YES, that is the BIG thing about being clean & sober, is the Life that went bye so fast and the tings we missed by being so out there. Ha! I have been working with others in my town, but sometimes I just need to step back out of the addiction cycle and enjoy life, like it really is in reality. I am now going on 64yrs next month, so for me life is just flying bye. I look at things so much different and wish I would of got help many, many, many yrs earlier.  YOU take care and GREAT BIG HUG to you and many CONGRATS on your clean time too! I might check in sometimes, now that I know that some of you are still around. I have thought of DS, Connie, Annie,and so many others,  often throughout the yrs.  I do miss all of you.

Take Care & God Bless!
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