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What am i do to stop cocaine once for all?

What do I do to stop cocaine once and for all? I've tried controlled remedies. (does it work but I have to take a lifetime?). And alcohol is also a problem. Am I going to have to stop it all just because of my addiction to cocaine? Because I only use cocaine when I drink. Alcohol gets in the way a lot. My anxiety is hard and I smoke marijuana as a remedy. It works but I smoke too much. Sometimes up to 10 marijuana cigarettes a day. This is bothering me and it bothers me. I do not know how else to do anything if I do not smoke a joint. I'm so tired of it. Are only controlled remedies to control my chemical dependency? Am I going to have to take these remedies passed by the psychiatrist my whole life? I would like suggestions for treatment of my anxiety. Because anxiety drives me to drugs.
I wanted to be able to stay home without using anything one day without feeling bad. If it's medicine that cures this ... let's go.
But I still would like suggestions for treating people with the same problem as mine and from outside my country.
Modern medication that really takes away your anxiety and does not harm your libido.
Do not even change your personality. Thank you
Save for Everyone
I have 35 years old.
2 rehabs
1 overdose from Estate of Minas Gerais - Brazil
Sorry for the poor english
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Hi, you went to 2 rehabs? Didn't they give you follow up advice? In other words, did you go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous upon leaving rehab? If not, I strongly suggest you go to a meeting asap. That's what saved me plus many of us who are clean on this site.

I was heavily addicted to opiates and cocaine for over 20 years. I went to a detox, then a halfway house for women, then joined AA almost "religiously" meaning, I went to 90 meetings in 90 days, and started to feel light enter my life. I felt free and really ready to try this life thing without getting high. I gave it a chance because, well, the alternative was jails, or institutions, or DEATH.
I love life now, and feel really happy inside my soul. I never even realized I HAD one. I have been clean over 10 years thanks to all the advice and suggestions I took from AA.
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Hi, Brazilian_Guy
I understand you want to try medication to relieve your depression and anxiety, instead of using all that pot and booze and cocaine.
I went to AA and NA meetings for a year and started to get well mentally without medication.
For me, meds only make things worse. They change your personality and change your life by getting you addicted to them. It's just another addiction in my opinion. Why not give AA a chance? It saved my life, and you don't have to believe in God to do it.
I've been clean from opiates and cocaine for over 10 years, and I don't even think about getting high as an answer to my stress or problems.
I love my clean and happy self. Life's really beautiful once you get into the frame of mind AA teaches. I promise these wonderful, loving people will help you find it, if you just keep an open mind and be willing to listen!
Good luck,
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