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What are some of the long term effects of morphine and oxycodone?

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opioid dependence, constipation(which can cause severe complications), QT changes(cardiac condition), slow respirations, leading to lack of proper oxygen in the blood , there is a long list of things, but if used properly, they are less likely to cause complications. Oxycodone is known to be physically more addicting than morphine, although for people who are allergic to morphine, Oxycontin can work well. I used to switch between the two. If the oxy stopped working as well, i switched to morphine at the same strength and vice versa. I have been only on MSContin and Dilaudid for 5 years now. I lowered my pain medications drastically over a matter of about 10 years.
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Howdy do TTC.  That's a full question.  Is this related to you? Do you mean if you continue to take them or if you get clean from them or if you combine them or exactly what?  Any more details on this anonymous forum would be helpful and we'll chat you right up about it. hugs
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Welcome TTC

Actually, clean opiates, once off them and through the w/d don't leave  permanent damage.  At least I know that is true for plain morphine, oxycodone because it is synthetic I don't know... that is just the body.  The emotional, mental aspects can take longer, but I found after 10 years of addiction to morphine, once I was off I felt completely normal after about 6 months...  Functional after 1 month.  The first 2 weeks off I was very messed up.

Unfortunately I relapsed after 5 years.  I used oxycontin, hydromorphone, oxycodone, for a year, I had to go on Suboxone, and I stayed on that a year and half.  I'm just through a taper/withdrawal.  Still shakey at times but overall good!

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