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What is the easiest way to stop using cocaine?

So I started using cocaine around May of 2016 from an ex girlfriend. Using it every weekend about an 8ball between the two of us. We broke up then tried to get my head straight I moved in with my buddy which he is a sheriff here in my county asked for help and he pointed me in the right direction got a new girlfriend ended up getting engaged, couple months down the road out of nowhere I started using cocaine again started slow then escalated quickly to about 2 balls a week working 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week. My lady finds out about it leaves me then eventually the sheriff finds evidence in my bathroom. I get kicked out went back to my parents house. I started consuming less half gram every two days. I get a new job making more money working less hours. Getting depressed about my ex fiance we become friends again then 2 days later leaves me in the dust for no reason. I get this new job. Couple weeks for by. It's 2018 new years rolls by I become really good buddy's with my superintendent (heavy equipment operator) and found out he lives a street away from me saw me pop a line out in my car on lunch break. He asks me to come to his house after work. Head over there asks me if I wanted to make some extra cash on the weekends. My dumb*** says yes. So for the past 3-4 weeks my boss has been giving me about a half ounce of Coke every weekend we split the profit and what not. But I actually end up spending half my paychecks every week and end up doing about 4-5 grams on the weekends my self and then about a gram to gram and half during the days at work. I just love being high while working and love the drip. So ever since I started getting huge quantities of coke in my possession I've been consuming alot lately and if I'm not selling any when it's late at night early morning I end up breaking out lines and taking bumps alot. But don't want to leave this company and the crew that I'm on is the only grading crew in the company (small family owned business) and I'm really good at what I do. And he's not forcing me or anything like that. Sometimes he has to cut me off. I'm 23 btw. I'm just curious as to what is the best way to either quit or at least slow down dramatically to where I'm making more profit than what I'm spending. Also I really enjoy making an extra grand or two every weekend from selling it. Easiest way to quit while being around it every day.
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It doesn't sound like you actually want to quit. You don't want to be addicted but you don't want to quit...but you are addicted.  I'm sorry but I don't see a simple solution or an answer you want to hear.  If you honestly want to stop using you need to stop being around it. And the money is also addicting to many - you're going to have to really want it. I hope I don't sound harsh - just being honest.
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I suggest you look up a near by NA or AA meeting and talk to some people there. They say leave people, places and things. You may need a period of separation from coke, I don't know a way to leave it alone and be around it. I know I Wouldn't be able to
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Yeah it sounds like you are making excuses. I used Coke for 2 plus years after getting Methadone for A Nightmarish Heroin addiction. The Cocaine went greatwith the Methadone. It wasn’t till I faced  Tbolo or losing my Children. Got a Great job and suddenly after years(3) It was in front of me. I knew what would happen if I used. So I said no. Then left. That was 15 years ago. Still do the Methadone because Mr.Brownstone is a *****. GOTTA WANT IT
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There is no "easy" way.  You are addicted to the drug and to the money.  The road you're on at age 23 will lead you to no place you want to be.
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You won't like my answer.  There is no easy way to stop using drugs.  Cocaine is incredibly harmful to your body, especially your cardiovascular system.  You've got youth on your side for the moment but it won't last. I've heard coke described as "the perfect heart attack drug."    Take a long hard look at your life. Where will all this lead?  No where good, I can guarantee that.  You have an addiction.  If you want a better life, get out NOW.   Quit the job, cut off all your drug contacts, and get your butt into rehab.  Start by telling your personal physician exactly what you're been doing.   We only get one body, son, and one life to live.  Don't throw yours away on a stupid, white powder.  Best of luck to you.
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