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When will I get my energy back

Im on day 6 now and I  cant seem to get my energy or motivation back ive been walking but I just feel theres no end to this PLS help TKS Dave
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My husband is almost done day 8 of coming off the oc cold turkey...he started taking l-tyrosine and a b vitamin complex on the morning of day 4...it gives him energy to get up and get motivated for the day. Seems to be helping immensely. Both are available at a health food store. I wouldn't recommend taking it in the afternoon again since you will have a hard time sleeping but first thing in the morning will help a lot.
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Vitamin B definitely. Hang tight, your energy levels will return.
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I'm a week clean now,, yes the energy is an issue but i find that giving myself goals each day help motivate me,, otherwise i would probably sleep half the day away,,, are you taking any vitamins,, B12 would help with the energy too... even better if you can get an injection of it... don't give up we will get back to normal we just have to pay for what we've done to our bodies first,, Congrats on day 6, and hopefully tomorrow will be even better...

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