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Why Now and How much longer?

Here we go and I mean go and go and go :((( Can anyone tell me Why ? I have dropped aggressively Wed to 1 pill a day total 7.5mg.today is day 4.  And it just hit me real bad I can not stay out of the ladies room.

I would have thought that would have already passed.  How much longer??
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Hope you are doing better this morning.  I too tapered.  I doubled up on the Immodiam.  It was just the feeling of electricity running through my body and lack of sleep that got me.  I took ambian at night but some nights it would not help.

Honestly, as long as you continue to even put 1 pill in your body, you are prolonging this.  Your addiction is still telling your "i only take one" thing.   Dump them today!   Make this be the first day of your new sober life.  You know you have us.  You will feel bad for about 4 days and then the fog will completely lift.
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I am trying to go to sleep  it's 3 am here... I will talk with you all later..

Sleep well
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I feel very blessd to have the support I do from you guys.  I was just hopeing the prosess would be a little bit easier since I have taperd so much.  Time is drawing near rhat I gonna have to bite the bullett.

Thanks Ya'll
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Sara...Me too.  It transports me(:

I'm heading to bed...I wanted to tell you that at a certain point I had to say to myself
"I surrender..I'll take the suffering and I know it too, shall pass."  It got better after that...It really did.  Mind over matter, baby...You can do this.  I'll check in with you in the morning....Now drink some water and turn on the music!  
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Music is very healing, it still helps me when i am feeling rotten.
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I wouldn't consider myself the strongest person I know; I don't like to be uncomfortable, and having gone through withdrawals before, I realized that I didn't have the spine for it. But like you, I knew I had to stop putting drugs into my body. I also did not have the willpower to taper, I admire you for that, so I went ct. I sure didn't like it much - no one does, but I got through it, and so have hundreds of other people, many of whom are giving you some great advice and support. You've been told the truth - detox is very difficult - and we'd be remiss if we candy-coated the experience. But another truth is , it does get better, and better, etc.
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