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Will I have bad withdrawals from taking 8 tramadol a day for a couple years?

I have been off tramadol for 15 days. I took Percocet for the first 5 days then Norco for the next 4. Have had nothing since. Wondering if I am over the worst of the withdrawals.
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Yeah the hard stuff is done. Propably feel restless and irritated another few weeks yet. Head might be a bit foggy
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Thank God you are ok! Yes, I think the worst is over for you.
What you did with the opiates to ease the tramadol was like taking pure grain alcohol to stop the beer.
You got lucky you did not trade one addiction for a much worse one.
Please stay away from opiates as you may not be so lucky next time.

So glad to know you are feeling better, and you can enjoy a lunch with your baby. That is beautiful. It will only get better from here.
Remember to take care of YOU. moms with babies are naturally neglected, so make sure you make up for that with some rewards for yourself on a regular basis. You deserve it.
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Admitting you're an addict is a great first step!    Listen, I don't know how old you are, but I'm fairly sure I am a least twice your age, and it wasn't until just a couple years ago that I actually admitted and wrote that I am an addict.  A couple friends from this forum here were all...'Finally!!'  lol  

Everyone has given you great advice.  The anxiety will lessen as the days go by.  If you can, put your baby in the stroller, then go out and walk.  This will help the anxiety.  Exercise alone will help you to regain your energy as well.   And if you don't feel like it, you gotta push yourself.  

Oh, and please forget about taking the cough medicine.  You didn't put yourself back to square one of withdrawal, not at all.  You can see now why it's important to have Nothing in the house.  Just another lesson.  This is in the past now, just keep moving forward.  

How are you feeling today?  
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Actually not that bad. Took baby and went out to lunch. Have some energy but no motivation. I am in my thirties. I just can’t believe how it made my days easier by taking it. I didn’t realize it until I quit taking it, that’s the tough part. Learning to live a new life I guess. Thank you so very much for all of your encouragement.
Just think positive. Stay around positive people. Say a lot of prayers, I did. I think you'll be okay.
Good luck. Sending you positive vibes.
Hey, C...yes, like Bamame said, keeping a positive attitude is half the battle.   On top of the vitamins, get lots of sun and as much exercise as you can even though you may not feel like it.  You're right, too, in that this *is* a new life. Two yrs is a long time to rely on false energy.  That's why it's going to take some time to get your motivation back, but it will happen.  You'll begin to notice that each day you feel a little bit better until one day you'll realize you feel like your old self again.  

While it is a process, I can tell you, no one here has ever been sorry they got clean.  Overall, I think you're doing fantastic!  

Please post as much as you like.  Is it completely out of the question to tell your partner?  You might be surprised at the support you receive.   If not, we are here for you; you have all of us!    
Thank you all very much. ❤️
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If you've gone this long without any pain medication, then I would say you're out of the woods.
Good job. Congratulations.
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Thank you very much!!
You're very welcome my friend. Keep up the good work. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
Well I guess you can say I fell of the wagon. I am so disappointed and scared now. More then before. I took a dose of Codiene cough syrup. Just the prescribed dose. So I assume I will go all the way back through withdrawals?
I asked the Other day if you considered your self dependent or addicted? Because if you are addicted and if you are saying you fell off the wagon then I would assume that’s what you mean. You need to find some support to help with your recovery. That could be a support group, AA, NA, Celebrate recovery, Smart recovery, individual counseling, And yes codeine would be considered an opioid-based medication.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Get rid of all opiod & opiate medications in your house including cough medicine with codeine.
Keep the faith, Debbie
Happy Mother’s Day.
Every single thing is out of the house except Imodium. Well yes I guess I am an addict. As much as I hate to say it I now believe I am. Do you think I will restart the withdrawal process over again? I know people have been through much worse. For me it is the mental games my brain plays with me.
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in my opinion yes the worst of your withdrawals are over.
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I am terrified of PAWS. This is my first time quitting. Does anyone think the antidepressant will help with that?
Dont worry about paws. Tramadol has an antidepressant component to it. So yes the antidepressant will help. So not so you’ve only been off the all meds for one week? Take nothing else that is opiate or opioid-based.
No I have not taken nothing opiate based. I just did not ever have a day where I couldn’t function, but I do remember having some mild diarrhea and crying as well as short temper when on the Percocet and hydrocodone. Now I am just very anxious of what may come next.
Congrats on one week off opiates!  The antidepressant has most definitely helped.  Youth is also on your side.  Try not to worry yourself about withdrawal and PAWS.  You would of felt it by now, believe me.  You're a week clean and feeling well.  Just focus on that, and keep moving forward with your life.  
Thank you so much. I just feel like I need so much positive reinforcement right now. I am doing this alone. A lot of stories I read scare the crap out of me. I guess I should stop reading them.
Yes, stop reading them.  It's doing you no good, you're just scaring yourself.  And of course you need positive reinforcement, that's what we're here for. :)
Thank you.
If you continue to feel compelled to reading old horror stories, then here's what I'd like you to do.  Don't read them thinking that the same is going to happen to you now, but rather learn from them with the lesson being, if you should want to pick up another pill some day, then that IS what can and will happen.  The older you get, the more addicted you get, and stopping becomes harder and harder, with withdrawal becoming worse and worse as the years go by.  
Thank you. That helps so much. I just hope this anxiety passes soon.
I also hope I regain some more energy. But now I wonder if it’s all in my head due to what I have read...
Anxiety and lack of energy is a real thing.  The anxiety will lessen and the energy will come back.  Get yourself some sun and fresh air, go for a walk, just keep moving.  Do you have any pain meds left? If you do get rid of them.  Have you given any thought to aftercare?
No I do not have any left!! I really can’t do the aftercare as I am a stay at home mom and no one knows about this in my family.
Hi, you're doing a great job, keep up the good work. Sounds like you're on the road to doing the right thing. Congratulations. Keep us posted. I'm just so happy for you.
Thank you so much. Just want immediate relief mentally, but also know it will take time. Any suggestions for supplements for energy would be great. Doing a multivitamin and the B vitamins as well. I want energy and motivation without the jitters or coming down as people call it. Just positive energy and motivation. Still taking the antidepressant.
Hi C...that's great you're taking the multi and B's.  Maybe a little B-12 added would give you a bit more of a kick start.  If you go with B-12, try to find sublingual, as B vitamins are not absorbed in the stomach, well.  A warning though, too much B-12 can make you feel jittery, so I would go with the lowest mcg you can find since there is already B-12 in the vitamins you're taking.  If I'm leaving the house, I find a B-12 really does give me that extra energy I need.  All this is up to you though.

As far as the anxiety you're feeling, there's a good Amino Acid called L-Theanine.  Again, sublingual is best, but if all you can find are the capsules, then those are good also.  I take the Theanine, and it really does seem to help me to stay on an even keel.  

Here's a link to the 'Thomas Recipe" that many have found helpful.  Since you are already on an AD, please be sure to heed Debbie's warnings).  But do check it out to see if any of it might be helpful for you.  Here's the link below...


Another very important point is to drink as much water throughout the day as you can.  Keep a bottle near you at all times and sip on it.  This helps to flush the meds from your kidneys.  Tramadol is a fully synthetic opioid and stays in the system longer than other more natural pain meds do.  So LOT'S of water!    

How's your day going?  Are you sleeping okay?  
Not sleeping to bad. Wake up here and there but I have never been a great sleeper. I will check into getting the B12 SL   I have to force myself to drink. Not a lot of thirst. But I do manage to get down 32 oz of body armor that has a ton of vitamins and minerals  in it. Feeling decent. I guess just trying to figure out how to feel without the meds.
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I hope you're doing well. When my son detoxed off of Tramadol it was horrible. Just horrible. I'm not going to lie to you. He said it was absolutely awful. Sending you prayers and positive vibes. Call your doctor. Because they can give you something to help you with the withdrawals.
Good luck, let us know how you're doing.
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I am 15 days off tramadol. Do you think the Percocet and Norco got me through the worst of the symptoms?
Are Do you still experiencing with drawl symptoms?
Some chills, and anxiety. Just very scared.
Good morning.
You have to remember you didn't do this overnight, so that means it's going to take awhile to get back to normal. Just hang in there and do the best you can do. You should be okay. Sending you positive vibes.
Thank you very much. I think the mental part is the worst. I just keep thinking things are going to get worse... I hope they don’t.
I agree, the mental part is pretty bad. I know my son went through hell for about two weeks. He had a lot of pain with his wrists. Not to mention his legs and everywhere else. But his wrists bothered him really really bad. Tramadols a hard drug to come off of. Just hang in there.
I am still able to get out of bed, take care of our two year old and take care of the housework so hopefully the Percocet and hydrocodone took some of the tramadol withdrawal away because from what I have read people could not function at all. Also I still take an anti depressant. Just so very scared again that it could get worse. It helps by just hearing some wine say I will be ok.
You lessened Your symptoms of withdrawal when you took the other meds. But you still have to detox all the meds out of your system.  It has been less than a month. You have to give yourself time to totally detox. Your system has to regain its own natural brain chemistry. This is going to take months depending on your age, any other health factors, how long you took the meds for the dosage. You are continuing to heal each day that you don’t use. Keep moving forward. Get yourself out of bed get yourself moving that will help your brain chemistry get back to normal. Make sure you’re eating healthy foods. If you have a lot of anxiety try to stay away from caffeine’s.
Did you have a dependency On the tramadol or do you think you were addicted?
You Are doing great keep on keeping on.
I agree with atthebeach.....All you did was skip over your withdrawals. What you're taking now is a lot stronger than Tramadol. So you're not going to go through withdrawals whatsoever. If you're serious then do it, if not then don't do it. I think it's time for a change. So if you decide to get off of everything then you'll feel the full effects of withdrawals. And they're not pretty at all.  You're just putting a Band-Aid on it. Good luck.
I have not had any pain medication for a week. Just taking the antidepressant. That is why I am wondering if the worst of the withdrawals would be over.
Sure sounds like you are doing better than I’d expect! I took about what you did for a few years..... I had to quit cold turkey and it was awful. Couldn’t be away from the toilet, my body felt like I had the worst flu ever, chills feverish.....pale as a ghost....shaking etc. sounds like the meds you had for the first .o days off helped. This is an old post do hope you are still doing well and tackled this demon!!!!
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