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Will try again! LOL

I posted about PAWS last night but my post disappeared.  I looked on the social side and it was not there either...it just vanished....anyway, i will post it again....does anyone else have clamminess at times?  like a cold sweaty feeling...but hot as well...weird...I have been clean close to 4 months and have these clammy episodes...the back of my neck is wet when it happens...it is not like a hot flash as I have had those and it is different...it seems to happen when i am stressed or like if i get overheated i have trouble cooling down...i had this during detox but really not as bad as lately...a little bit of anxiety goes along with it when it happens but it is not like a panic attack as i have had a few of those in my 20s...sometimes i have them for no reason at all but more so in the last few weeks...cathy said she has had no PAWS....she is so lucky but i am not sure what this is...may be paws as i have also been craving for the last few weeks as well...can anyone else relate?
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I just found your original post from yesterday.....it was on page 2!!!!!
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this is semi off the subject but i got an email they moved mikeinthesouths post to the arthritis forum....makes NO sense at all. then another one i was on got moved and they deleted almost everything the person said in their post
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You know that i have had similar encounters. I tried to write it off to other physical problems that i have, but that didnt make sense. I feel that it is a symptom of paws.... kind of a flush with a humid, uncomfortable edge to it. Warm/cold/sweaty, but not to the degree of w/d's.....passes more rapidly also. Please let me know when ya find the answer.......must be a vitamin or amino that will help?
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Just after I hit "Post" I was sitting here in a nice family room with comfortable temperatures and good company - and zaaaap......there goes the "feeling" again. A fast uncomfortable flush and not sweats, but ....... heck - you what I mean better than I can describe it. Would be nice to figure out why. I am back to okay already........I sure do hate that though.
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I remember on business lunches my 'head' would get sweaty; I mean only my head and my hair would start to stick to my scalp.  In my 46 years, that had never happened before and I didn't like it at all.  Thankfully, it doesn't occur that often so I just assume it is part of getting better.

Hope You Get Over this...

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I am going to research this phenonema and find out what causes it...i hat it and it is a daytime thing....i know the night sweats and this is different...i am going to try and figure it out as after 4 months i feel like it should be gone!
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i have the exact same thing and never have known exactly what to attribute it to....but i swear, although i get differing views and opinions from different doctors about what it could possibly be, i swear it has something to do with the lortabs....i think i've just really screwed up my body big-time over the years....as Willy said above, we do really screw up our bodies and then, i believe as a result, we so surely become very ultra-sensitive to things that the "normal" person wouldn't even be affected by one iota....since hydros mess up the internal body temp regulators, i wouldn't be surprised if it takes a LONG time for that particular thing to become "normalized" once again....just my guess
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yes i can relate...it happens to me too, just out of the blue and i get very dizzy as well, and have been craving bad for about a week or so.....your right it feels alot like w/d's....not sure what it is? maybe PAWS, i dont know i do know it sucks!!
hang it here
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I too have the same thing and I hate it!! I have no idea what it is but it bothers me! I am approximately 2 weeks behind you on clean time, not sure if that makes a difference....LOL...but I am thinking it is PAWS!! I HATE PAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I get the samething everyonce in awhile.  I tend to overheat really quick also....I know what your saying, sometimes I get it at work and I just drink lots of cold water and try to sit down and do a breathing exercise ( breath in through the nose then out the mouth really slow)  I've been clean just over 4 years and I would have to agree with the other, I know I messed my head and body up with all the drugs I took and I have to except the damage and remember that being clean is the best thing I can do for myself!  If you find a scientific answer I would love to hear it!

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4 months is great work!  Congratulations! Yes, I get clammy with high anxiety and sometimes panic attacks - I certainly can relate.

Had to look this up:
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Hi I have had the clamminess in the past when I quit the hydro's for a long time it takes a while for that to stop but it should at some point.  Feel better. JLO
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