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Withdrawaling: Need Encouragement

Here is a synopsis of my situation:
I am currently at about 52 hours since my last pill use (I took 4 vics wednesday morning, its now friday at 1:00pm) and I feel like garbage. I have been using for about 2 years. I can go for a few days without taking anything and be ok, but around day 3 is when i get intense cravings that I always end up giving in to. These last 2 days have been rough. I cant take time off work and I have been miserable sitting at my desk doing nothing but thinking about pills and how to get some. I havent eaten in these 2 days either which hasnt helped, but I just cant choke anything down. I actually have managed to sleep. a friend of mine texted today and says he has some pills I can buy tonight. I DONT want to buy them but I dont know if I am strong enough. Does anyone have any encouraging words? I could really use some. I am doing this alone, as I cant tell my family or boyfriend about any of this. Thanks everyone. If youre going through the same thing, good luck. We can do this. I know we can!
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Do you know about the Thomas Recipe?

Check out the recipe and the tapering idea.
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I just read your story and I really hope you stick with it!!!! You made the decision to change your life so keep it up!! Those "friends" you say they have pills for you, need to know that you are wanting to get clean! Say to yourself "I want to be DRUG FREE!!! Think of how different you'll see youself clean and sober. Life is soooo different and new when there's a new perspective! DON'T GIVE UP PLEASE. YOU ARE WORTH MUCH MORE THEN THE DRUGS WILL EVER BE
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Look in the mirror. Do you recongnize yourself? Probably not. You have to get you back. Pills erase pretty much everything about yourself. Dont get me wrong. I like the feeling pills give me. That feeling is nothing compared to enjoing lifes little pleasures. That list is so long I wont even try to write all the good stuff down. Just remember your life before your pill addiction. In a month or so youll have alll that back. Dont know if you get um off the street but the money alone is worth quiting. Youre better than those pills. You owe it to yourself to quit, now. Its gonna be tough the first couple weeks. It is for all of us. You know you gotta quit someday. Make it today. Pray everyday for help. Thank god as you  know him for just having that day. Pills suuuuucccckkkkkki. You know that. Enjoy a nice day. A nice dinner. A good laugh. You can do it kick this thing. Stay positive. YOu can do it if you want to. Cravings get much better a couple weeks into quiting. Give time a chance. Time is your friend.
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