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Withdrawl and Nausea

I have quit taking  Vicodin today almost cold turkey, 2 days of weaning, and can't keep anything down and am so sick.
Has this happened to anyone else?  I read to expect flu symtoms but I keep getting sick??
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I'm sure you'll find that symptoms and severity can vary according the individual. I personally didn't have much trouble with nausea. On the other hand, i did have severe diarrhea, restlessness and irritability. My most troublesome WD symptom was the pain, like a constant gnawing in my gut. Some people don't get that as bad, but like I said, everyone is different.
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I agree with dog that everyone is different b/c I was withdrawing from oc's, vics, and xanax all at the same time and it was a literal hell.  I didnt really plan on quitting but the money was all gone and all other options were exausted, no body was going to help me out.  So I just layed in my room for 2 weeks and w/d.  The hardest part for me was not sleeping and the aching in my knees and legs.  I tried tylenol PM and benydril and nothing helped.  Aleve helped with the aching a little bit, but there really is no way around the symptoms, unless you go to a hospital and get treatment which will cost an arm and a leg.  It took about a week till I could sleep a whole night and the aches started to subside.  I'm now over 4 years clean, no pills, no alcohol.  I do have to take prilosec everyday now b/c of eating vics and percs by the handful.  Not a day goes by that I dont thank God for waking up clean.  Dont get me wrong, it takes a long time to even feel half way normal but my worst day clean is better than my best day using!!

My prayers are with you
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Hang in there,

and yes I had very bad nausea.  I was throwing up for about 3 days.  I had lots
of chicken soup, ice cream.  I treated myself like I had the flu.  Just make sure
you drink alot of fluids.

Can I ask how many vics you where taking a day and for how long ?
This will most likely tell how bad your w/ds are going to be and for how long.  Myself
I was on 40 to 50 norcos a day and for about 4 years so my detox was very very bad.

But if you where doing about 4 to 6 a day for about a year you should have lesser

You can do this and yes my worst day clean is better than my best using.

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P.S.  check out the Thomas reciep and amnio acids, they are listed on this
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I couldn't eat a thing for the first 7 whole days...but, I DO recommend Emetrol (it is an over-the-counter anti-emetic) .  I was not bright enough to take it for this myself, but have taken it in the past, and it is pretty effective to stop you from puking.  
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I hear you - there is even a joke around about needing an extra "receptacle" in the bathroom for those moments when nature is calling double hard!!  

Do not let yourself get dehydrated...keep pushing lots of water, possibly gatorade or pedialyte if you think your losing a lot of fluid. This is important...otherwise you will find yourself IV'd to a 3000ml bag in the ER - If you arent eating (!) check out ensure or advantage nutrient drinks....warm, flat (let it sit out open) 7-up is good....and two days isnt a wean .. its a tease....shouldnt have many more days like these - - good luck and keep posting
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