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Words that help spur me to fight my fear

I saw a movie today and the below words in quote, gave me some strength and I wanted to share them with all of you great people here at MedHelp.  By the way, the movie was "The Beaver" with Mel Gibson. Yes, I watched it.  One of the funniest lines in it was "Everybody likes a train wreck, as long as they aren't the ones in it."

Anyway, Mel Gibson plays this character who is suffering from a deep clinical depression and he finds a way out of it "temporarily: with the use of a puppet.  Here are the words from the movie that I want to take into battle with me as I try once again to get the hell off of these drugs from the devil.

"Well sometimes we reach a point where in order to go on, we have to wipe the slate clean, and we start to see ourselves as a box and we are trapped inside and no matter how we try to escape, self-help, therapy, drugs, we just sink further and further down and the only way to truly break out of the box is just to get rid of it all together, I mean you built it in the first place, if the people around you are breaking your spirit, who needs them.... starting over isn't crazy, crazy is being miserable and walking around half asleep, numb, day after day after day, and crazy is pretending to be happy and pretending that the way things are is the way they have to be all the rest of your bleeding life, all the potential hope, all that joy and feeling all of that passion and that life is sucked out of you, but reach out of it, grab hold of it, and snatch it back from that bloodsucking rabble".

We have to reach out and snatch our lives back!! I am going to try again.. slowly!!  I have to get over the fear of the torturous illness I feel in withdrawal.  If I can just overcome that fear and realize it is just temporary, I can make it. Blessings. Shiloh
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When do you plan to get off the pills?
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thanks for the post!
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