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Xanax withdrawals

I checked into a detox center December 27, after tapering down to 1mg. I had gotten to.5 at one point, but couldn't get lower. It has been 10 days since I have been out of the detox center. I am having very bad anxiety, I feel paralyzed. Any suggestions please help. I have been meditating and doing exercise, but today I can't seem to get out of bed. Please help, I am so scared. I have a teenage daughter who relies upon me, I am starting a job and winter break is over so I have to go back to class on Monday. Suggestions, anyone please.
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Hi Beckers74,
A Benzo withdraw is one of the worst. You got down to .5 are you off it completely? The anxiety will come down little by little and the sleep will return too. Try taking some Magnesium, Calcium and D3, and  mostly at night.
Try not to get to scared, as this all will balance out it Time. The benzos highly affect certain areas of the brain and affects the nervous system. You can find more about the benzo and the brain, on line. Try not to drink any caffeine right now, or eat to much sugar if it affects you. Look at vit/min that help the Brain and are helpful with Anxiety. The Amino-acids are good for building or balancing the Brain chemistry. Other then that, just keep a very Positive attitude as this will all Balance out in Time. Wishing you the best!
Thank you Vicki for responding. I will get more of the vitamins and amino acids that we suggested. The detox took me completely off.
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