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Zopiclone Abuse Help?

How does someone get help for their spouse who is abusing zopiclone?  My husband has been on zopiclone for about 6 months and is now going to multiple doctors to get it prescribed.  He takes it in the morning and depending on how much he takes, passes out, or gets in minor accidents (around the house or driving).  He says he doesn't have a problem, but these accidents are a problem, and so are the memory losses and the fact he can't function most of the time.  I can't seem to figure out how to get him some help, any suggestions?  

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Hi--  Uh oh...this is not good at all!  I think you should call your family doctor and get some advice pretty quickly. I do believe he's in serious trouble. Good for you for reaching out!

First of all, he's dangerous and secondly he's doctor shopping and that's a crime in the U.S. and I think it is there,as well.

He's addicted and is obviously abusing. This drug is for sleep. Not to be taken during the day and never to stay on longer that 4 weeks.

He's in denial. My opinion is you need to get very tough because he is going to kill someone on the road. Take the pills,fight and scream,(doesn't accomplish anything but may keep him at home) and if he does leave,call the police immediately! Tell him you WILL do this and not to test you on it. You need to be able to follow through because he WILL test you.  Take his car keys and don't tell him. If he gets caught outside driving around it will be ugly for everyone!

I have a lot of empathy for your situation and it's hard. But,you have to keep everyone safe now,including him...

Keep posting--
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And...this drug is chemically similar to benzos so they cannot be stopped abruptly. He may need to go in patient for this...
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Thanks for your answers vicki595.  There are more problems at hand.  I've mentioned to him that I was going to tell his doctor and he said if I did, war would on and there would be consequences.  He doesn't give specific threats, but says I would pay for doing that.

He's been in a situation where he was arrested and sent to the hospital for observation (they feared he was suicidal).  He's a great lier and somehow made it out without me knowing.  I found out weeks later (since I was out of town when this happened).

He's burned his foot badly, and almost broke his ankle on an other occassion.  There's been several other incidents too.

He has handed me his pills, but demands they be dispensed as he wishes.  I try not to give in, but then uses force (he has not hurt me other than bruised my arms).  I fear what he would do, so I give in.  He normally gets 2 pills per day.  But when he gets his hands on more (and this happens often) he takes much more.  For example, just on Christmas Eve he took at least 17 (and I know there must have been more).  As I'm sure you can imagine, he was out of it for over 2 days and has a ton of memory lapses (from that day and from most others too).

I've suggested he gets help, and he refuses, he says he doesn't have a problem.  I've contacted the local addiction centre and they can't do anything unless he decides to go in.  It feels like there's no way to get help, unless he wants to.  Does anyone know how to get a person in who doesn't wish to get help, someone who feels they don't have a problem?    

I'm angry all the time, I don't want to be around him and I hate the situation.  I tell him if he continues we're done, he seems to care, but only for a few days.  I feel lost and alone.  I don't like what this is doing to him, to us and to me.
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Please do not minimize the bruises he has already given you.... He has already hurt you, already crossed a line... he is dangerous to himself, you, and others.  Vicki has given you priceless, amazing advice...as she always does here on this forum.  I urge you to take her advice, and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  Start this New Year off right:)
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Okay...I'm just going to say this because I don't think you got it the first time:

You cannot suggest.  You cannot contact. You cannot fix him. You need to take action because you are letting him do this. You are being timid. You are being a victim. Knock that off.  He's dying. You're dying.  He bruised you!!!!!!!!! WTF???

Don't give him any pills when he asks. Period. Are you afraid? Call the police. He didn't hit you?  Oh..um...yeah...I think he did. Call the police and get his *** out of your house.
He will hurt you. He is hurting you. Call the police and say "I'm scared...he's threatening me."  

I read your journal entry. You are bright and articulate. Journals are nice. A journal is not your answer. You don't  feel a bit better I'm sure. He needs help. You can't help him.
Get him out of there before he kills himself. It's all you've got right now. You can also call an ambulance the next time he's in a stupor.

He needs help and so do you. I told you before,you are the grown up now. You need to keep him off the streets. Please do that and take care of yourself.
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