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addicted 2 perks

i am addictived to perks i sniff like 8 aam having trouble cuttng down can  i just quit cold turkey?
i  day
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No,you should first see your doctor if you don't have one find one try tappering off slowly if you are truly addicted you need to see a doctor prescription Medications are not a game its a serious matter,lord of complication can arise...please seek a professional. Good luck
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Normal people don't snort perks, you say you're addicted which means your an addict. Only way for an addict to stay clean and be happy that I know of is Narcotics Anonymous. Goodluck

Btw, theres no such thing as "I was an addict", once you are an addict there is no cure only abstinence.

There are many recovered addicts out there in NA groups
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        You can try sometimes it works out.  How long have you been addicted.  If its been more than 2 yrs you will be better off tapering down talk with your health care provider about your problem to.  Hang in there.
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