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i'm addicted to gravol really bad, i take 30 or more daily plus methadone at 50 mg and this is administered by my pharmacist, he doesn't know about my gravol addiction, i'm lost and don't know what to do
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Hi there and welcome. Could you plese enlighten me as to what "gravol" is ,specifically? I'm not familiar with that term/medication.How often are you given the methadone? Here to help....
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Yes hello and welcome ! I too have never heard of Gravol ! Please tell us about it ..
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hi you really need to be careful with what you mix with methadone I googled gravol and came up with some interesting responces are you taking it to trip or for the tired narcotic feeling I do beleve after reading the effects you DONT need to be taking it on methadone could od any type of depressant can cause that you can tell the pharmacist to start steping you down on your methadone and work at getting off that the other I fould know where it was physically addictive so its just a mater of walking away from it N/A would be helpful as addicts we need to change the very way we think and reason keep posting for support if you need help with the methadone I can help you there good luck and God bless......Gnarly  
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Never heard of gravol...what is it?
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Gravol is Dimenhydrinate, an anti-nauseant.  It is OTC and commonly used to treat motion sickness.

Are you under medical supervision for your methadone?  Mixing that much Gravol with the methadone is very dangerous.  Please talk to a doctor or your pharmacist about it...There is no shame in this.  Gnarly is very knowledgeable about methadone and has helped many members in their recovery process.  You are supported here...

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