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can one become addicted to hydrocodone-APAP 10-325 if one takes one half a pill a day?
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probably not!  The problem is when we start taking it for reasons other than pain.  
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hello lee,

One can become addicted to anything that they take everyday for 21 days straight. The body becomes dependent after 21 days. There is also an issue thay occurs once your body builds immunity to the substance it has been depending on. Ao your 1/2 pill will only affect you for so long before the body will need more to do the same as the 1/2 has been doing. When it comes to opiates (norco' etc), the receptors in the brain are stimulates and they begin to rely on the opiate just like it relys on water to survive, only you will only feel like your dying once you deprive the receptors of the opiates after addiction has taken over. My advice is not to take anything everyday that you do not want to become dependent on. I have been an addict for 3.years of oxycodone which is an opiate like norco. I became an addict after taking percocet as proscribed for my back for only 2 months and found I was stuck in a hell I can not escape. I hope this helps you.
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Hi and welcome! If you are taking it for pain and not to self-medicate to numb yourself to get a buzz or energy, you probably aren't addicted, but you will become dependent. For addiction, it isn't about how much you are taking but why. When it comes time to quit, you may not want them psychologically, but your body will still want them because it is accustomed to having it. Just be careful.
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You can become addicted no matter wha the reason for taking them. As i stated i took them as prescribed for my back and after 2 months when i decided to stop it was impossible.
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