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i dont have any kind of insurance and would really love to stop this opiate addiction im up to 120 mil a day i want to try suboxin but i cant afford it nor the doctors visit....i dont pay for my opiates.some close to me gets them but dont take them i do...any help out there on free suboxin
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Hi Tomkat Welcome to the forum. Opiate wd is not life threatening unless you have a preexisting condition as in stroke heart failure for the BP does tend to go up. Clonidine is a BP med that helps in wd it helps the BP and shakes it also helps to calm anxiety a lil. In addiction we can look to outside sources to get clean as in rehab and whatnot but what it absolutely boils down to is our desire to take our life back We are the only ones who can do this It is our decision Our Souls that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Whoever you are getting the meds from has to be told that you are taking them to hide them our you will need to cut them out till you can get a handle on your active addiction. There is Hope you can break free but it has to start with you. We are here for support anytime. It would not hurt to sit in a meeting NA our even AA and just listen. You can also read the stories here this is what started me on wanting to get clean all these peps that have gone before me gave me hope where I had none. You are not alone. I need to go take care of shopping with hubby but I will be back if you would like to speak further. I wish you a life of freedom to love and travel to see the Beauty around you and to feel peace within.. Active addiction is just a symptom of what is truly going on Maybe it is time to slay your demons. Take good care as you are the only one who can.. lesa
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IMO.........I would NOT try the suboxone to get off of the opiates.  I would w/d off of the opiates alone.  Suboxone is another demon that you will have to deal with.  W/D is supposed to be uncomfortable.....it's not life threatening (most of the time) and w/d'ing off of opiates your talking 5/7 days and subs (depending on how much and how long you take them) your talking weeks.  
I have conflicting opinions on suboxone. I'm tapering off it now.  It is harder to get off of and takes much longer than regular opiates but it varies from person to person if it's good or not. Some people need to stabilize for a year or so without getting high to see what life can be like that's where Suboxone comes in.... but if you're looking for the fast way out detox for 3 Days that's it... be free without years of tapering. It's really up to you your situation and what you need most.
IMO....as an addict, I was never going to taper the subs.  With the dose I was on (for 7 years) it would've taken me over 3 years to taper in the slow, methodical method that's needed to not be sick.  The sub dr I had also didn't require any type of outpatient treatment, meetings, therapy, anything.  In my case, cold turkey (which SUCKED!!!) was the best method for me.  Someone told me in the beginning, using subs to kick opiates is like swatting a fly with a baseball bat....I tend to agree.  

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I have been on hydros for a little over 3 yrs. 20-50mg a day. Just depends.  I just took my last one. Wish me luck. Ive gone days and been through many withdrawals.
Hi Hairgirl.. I wish you more then luck I wish you success! As you know it is easier to go thru wd then to stay clean. For myself I have been finding I have been self medicating all these years to cover up other problems from when I was growing up. I was thinking that I did not want to take a drug  that was going to change how I feel our how my brain works because I like my brain lol but I was doing that anyway as I liked the high go figure a addict. I will be seeing a Dr tomorrow to start the process of getting on a med that will stabilize my racing thoughts and such depression I tried it the way you are going more times then I can count It sure hurt a lot of innocent people thinking I knew what was best for me. Addiction is crazy as we think we are the ones in control but in actuality we are puppets to a pill powder whatnot. I hope this time when you stop you get help and save a lot of heartache. Sending good energy and a lot of love to a fellow addict.. lesa
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